Time To Stress – Jordan Smith

We are close to the end of our first milestone and the heat is on! We need to finish our models and calculation. Basically, catching up with out schedules. Our calculations got pushed back due to confusion but luckily we got help just in time!

Layla explaining to the class.

Layla explaining to the class.

Lets start with the wonderful help we got from Layla. Layla is a women from last year, she helped with the seniors their capstone and stopped by to help us. Which we are very grateful for. We are going to make AC appliances to DC because it is easier to wire and figure out. To do so, we will have to use a inverter to convert AC to DC. The AC appliances will have to go through the plug that is connected to the inverter. The inverter will be connected to the battery, while that is connected to the inverted change controller which is connected to the solar panel. Itzel has been working very hard to finish the calculations and is doing a great job. Layla taught her that in order to find what kind of battery you need, you have to calculate the load. The load is watt/amp hours. You have to multiply the watts by the hours you’ll be using it. Then you take that and get a battery to support that many hours. Next we will have to find a solar panel that can power the battery. We also have to make sure the solar panel can support the DC appliances along with the previous load. Asking questions helps because Itzel and I were confused about AC and DC because we thought DC was straight up hooked to the outlets, which is was! Which we did get correct but we had to get an explanation on how the inverters were going to work with converting. 

model in the middle of class

model in the middle of class

While Itzel was working hard on the calculations, Jessica and I were working on the final model. We finally got the curve down and we did it in a simple way, and it took multiple times running out into the cold and measuring and many doing and re-doing. But, we are finally on track with everything. We have got the base and seam of the air stream. We had the worst luck with glue because it was taking too long to dry! Luckily, Mrs.Jo gave us the best glue advice and we got going again at the end of class. By the end, Itzel had giving me the calculations and I got started on the nets. We are using nets to make our furniture.  We have our roof made already, thanks to another group who had made an extra and decided to give the extra to us. It was very generous and it put us a step ahead of where we were.

Final floor plan

Final floor plan

I’m thinking we work ten times better in the portable for some weird reason, but my next step is to make all the furniture for the floor plan. We did finish the final one. We took all three of our floor plans and put it into one. We included everything the teachers wanted and what they needed. We are adding some LED color lights to go around the top on the roof, to give it some more pizzazz. I am excited for this Friday because we are staying after to finish it and just be done with it overall. I just want to complete the first milestone and be done and get to building!


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