Ain’t No Party Like an Engineering Party ‘Cause the Engineering Party Don’t Stop -Miranda Toy, Bel Floratine

Bring on the Airstream.

Bring on the Airstream.

I always say us engineering gals have been busy for the last few weeks but this time Project VENTURA has consumed us (in a good way-ish). Although the journey has been fun, it’s also been very stressful. Meredith and I have been hard at work finishing the physical scale model while Ally has also hard at work finishing the energy load and requirements. Yesterday the POE students had a “holiday party” except it was really just us working on our final projects until 10 p.m. On the bright side there was a tea station, pizza, cookies, chips ‘n salsa, and music. The environment of the engineering portable gives off an energetic vibe which helps us pull through. My team is almost done with the entire project, our model just needs windows and then we’re finished! I can’t believe the first semester is almost over. We’ve come a long way in Project VENTURA and will have an excellent place to dive into after the break.

Meredith and I hard at work last Saturday

Meredith and I hard at work last Saturday

Since our layout of the Airstream is set in stone the next step of the project will involve a more eye-appealing aspect. The model had to be in neutral colors so the clients would focus solely on the floorplan rather than the colors patterns of the furniture and appliances. I did some research on how color can affect people’s mood, that way my group can have an understanding of what color scheme would best suit the commons area. On the website, Freshome, I found an article pertaining to colors influencing mood. It emphasizes the importance of picking out room colors since they have a huge effect on the vibe the room gives off. Furniture tends to come in a more limited color range so it is best to select the furniture you want to use then the paint. To prevent the area from looking too busy, try to narrow the amount of colors to 3 or 4 at most. Active, passive, and neutral are the three basic ways that colors behave. To make a room seem larger and more spacious, use light colors which are expansive and airy. On the other hand, dark colors are sophisticated and warm leading a more intimate appearance.

Freshome goes in depth about red, yellow, green, blue, neutrals (brown, white, gray, black), purple, orange, and crimson in rooms. However I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that my team would like to use a navy blue and white color scheme. The website describes blue as calming, serene, and relaxing since it is said to slow down heart rate and respiration. It recommends using it in bathrooms and bedrooms. Also apparently darker blues can evoke feelings of sadness which is not something we would like to do so maybe we should stick to light blues. Or we could use a little navy blue and have a creamy white or another neutral color as the primary one. Some experts say that a splash of black is always a good idea since it grounds the color scheme. One of the problems is that my team wants the Airstream to be both a relaxing place but also a productive place where meetings can occur. Last but not least it is important that the color of ceiling is lighter than the walls, white might be our best option. Happy holidays!



  1. Calvinesha Harvey · · Reply

    I think when she worked on this entry she worked hard and she described her project to us and she made it really clear what she was working on and she made me want to read it just by reading the title.

  2. McClain D'Aoust · · Reply

    I found this entry very interesting when it came to the colors of the RV. You were very specific on the feel you wanted to give your furnishing and I really admire how detailed you were. The prototype’s end finally arriving gave me the inference that you were hard at work and how you are excited to continue working on the project. Love the way your project’s headed!

  3. Georgia Huffman · · Reply

    I think that this was a very interesting blog post. It was very clear that you guys have put a lot of work into your project, so when you’re explaining it, it’s very clear that you know a lot and have done a lot of research. It was really interesting whenever you talked about how the colors affected a person’s mood. Another thing that I really liked was the title of the blog post because, it grabbed the reader in and made them want to look at this post. Keep up the good work!

  4. Lily Myers · · Reply

    Hi, I really liked your blog post because it was useful and interesting. I really liked how in the beginning you described some of your experience and you were very honest, which I admire. I really really liked how ever how you talked about the information you obtained about the colors effecting the mood of the occupant. It is important because it needs to give off a good feel to attract people to go there. I think that was very useful for the future and for the design of the landscape us 7th graders are taking part in. If the room has the same results as the outside on the mood I will be sure to put many neutral colors. This post has put the color into my mind more and I will be sure to look up more about the color and the mood when I design my garden. I have been inspired. Good job!- Lily M., 7th grader

  5. Leslie Morales · · Reply

    I really liked your blog post because first of all I liked how the title pulled me in and made me want to read your blog post. Second of all I liked how yall added details and information. I also liked how yall added your opinions because I like to read what other people think. When I was reading your blog post I felt like we were having a real conversation, and I really liked that.

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