The Light at the End of the Tunnel, Abby Dougherty, MAAT Design Firm

Hello Ad-VENTURA-ers! It has been an absolutely insane two weeks here in Ventura land, especially in the MAAT Design firm! Because finals are only around the corner, it is officially crunch time. Our final 3D 1-18 scale models are due in three days and we are only just now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. In addition to our model, all of our electronic/load calculations have to be complete. The model has proven to be more complicated than I think we were all expecting it to be, and with Winter Break just around the corner, it is time to really start cracking!

Since there are only a few more days to work on Milestone 1 (of 3), Ms. Jo thought it would be ideal to have an “Engineering sleepover” to work on our models. The sleepover idea was vetoed out, but there was still a long working party on the schedule. Friday after school, almost the entire engineering group stayed for 5 and a half ours to work on our projects. Those hours were filled with hard work, and a few crazy moments along the way.

My team was able to get a large amount of work accomplished in those hours. We started off by cutting out frames for all of our windows, which we then painted dark grey. Once all of our windows were cut out, it was time to stick it out through the rain and spray paint our base! Even though it was cold, Maya, Alex, and I ran outside and painted it black. With our newly painted walls, we were able to attach all of the window frames and start attaching the ends of the Airstream model. In theory, our model would have two end caps that were attached to the body and made to look relatively round but still functional. This proved to be much harder than expected. We started the day with two solid pieces to attach, but as the night continued, we saw issues in actually attaching the pieces to the body.

Maya and Alex hard at work to cut out our hubcaps.

Maya and Alex hard at work to cut out our hubcaps.

Our space may have been a bit messy, but the result end wasn't too bad.

Our space may have been a bit messy, but the result end wasn’t too bad.

The biggest problem we had was the indefinite shape of our end pieces. They were too stiff and too unwilling to mold to the form in which we were wanting. So, in an effort to refrain from madness, we decided to break apart the end pieces and attach them to the model in two sections. After many struggles and issues with various clamps, we had success! Alas, the structure of our model was complete! There was a finally a light shining at the end of the tunnel, and it didn’t seem impossible to reach.

The entire MAAT Design Firm Holding our model while the glue slowly but surely dried.

In those last few moments of the evening, it was evident that we were all tired, and ready to take a break. Nonetheless, we continued to work and accomplish anything we could, including the construction of our hubcaps, and a remaining schedule for the next few days. With the first Milestone dwindling to an end, I have high hopes for this project and am looking forward to actually seeing the end result!


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  1. Lily Myers · · Reply

    Hello, I am a 7th grader who will be helping collaborate the outside (landscape) for the trailer you guys are renewing. I felt your blog was really well written wording wise and the amount of details it contained. I liked how you took the reader through the creative process of making your model/ design. I liked your design of the trailer and taught it was very efficient.

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