Airstream… you better be glad we are doing this for you.. -Jennifer Chaparro, Ever-Green Design Firm

Ever-Green-er sharing the love with out beloved soon to be Airstream Model!

Ever-Green-er sharing the love with our beloved soon to be Airstream Model!

Well Hello!

I am in a very good mood, not only because the winter break is coming but because my group and I are almost done with our Milestone #1. Yesterday (12/13/13) the class and I, stayed after school til’ 10 to finish most of our projects. Not only did these 6 hours helps us accomplish a lot but the entire engineering class was able to become closer and get to interact with each other better. The Principles of Engineering class was spent working on our final scale model of the airstream and researching the electrical requirements of the appliances that are to be used for the actual trailer. What I was able to learn in class was that AC appliances need to be 12V or 120V in order to function properly with the actual solar panel. I was very happy I learned this, it made my researching better and easier. I was able to get an idea of what I wanted and not wanted to use for the A-stream.

Sneak Peak...

Sneak Peak…

This class day not only did I learn about AC appliances and their voltage but also that when creating a model you have to have the exact measurements in order for your scaled numbers to be accurate. I learned this the hard way, I had to go at night with a a flashlight and a measuring tape in the cold drizzling weather and measure by myself, it was scary, and cold, but I had to do it for the team. At the end it paid off, although I did get some stuffy nose afterwards but it was good.

The research portion that I did for today was over the whole idea of remodeling and what you have to do in order to be in the right path. I gathered all the research from HGTV’s website, the title of the article was “ Getting Your Remodel Off to a Good Start.” What I was able to obtain from this article was that in order to remodel you have to follow 5 important rule. The first one being to create a stylebook, meaning you go through different types of magazines and books to become inspired. Once you find objects you like, you will cut them and paste them in a journal or binder, and WALA! You have your stylebook. The whole point of this book is to inspire you and lead you into your plan. The 2nd rule is to define you goal, meaning have an idea of why you want to remodel, not just because you want to, their has to be a big reason for the idea. The 3rd rule is to create a budget, you don’t want to go over the budget and be broke and not even finish with your project. The 4th rule is setting up a time budget, we are not talking about money in this one, instead time, you want to give your self an appropriate time for you to begin and accomplish your project in a set date. You don’t want to spend your entire life in building a pyramid! The last and most important rule is to have realistic expectations, meaning don’t think that you are going to be able to build an entire floor in less than 3 hours, it is impossible unless you are superman, which I know you are not. I have personal connections with superman, I would know when he was in the process of building.



This research that I made me understand why we are taking our time with this project, if we were not following these same steps, Ms. Jo and the entire class would be locked up in an asylum, due to all chaos and un-organization. I guess for everything you do either a project or a decision we have to set up a structure that can lead us through our choices. Whenever we are following guidelines, we are most likely to gain knowledge and become confident with what we are doing, and we will have few stress breakdowns.Talking about break down, it is time for me to go.. I have to study for other classes.. Have a great winter.. and Happy New Year.. Toddle Li Do! 🙂


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