Monthly Archives: January 2014

Doing what we can… -Bethany Salazar, Ever-Green Design Firm

Hello again! This is Bethany informing you on what we have been up to for the past few days since our last blog post. With the winning floor plan already chosen we are now focusing on creating the actual detailed interior. With this in mind the groups are not competing on which interior design will […]

Squares Will Be Shelves! – Alexandra Triampol, MAAT Design Firm

    Hello, viewers!  Alex, here!  We’re finally back on a normal schedule at school.  Tuesday, we got some ice/snow/sleet/whatever you’d call it, so we didn’t have school.  But, we’re back and it’s going to go back to normal here with Project Ventura.  Thursdays and Fridays are my new blogging days.  It’s not so bad, but […]

The Truth about Garden VENTURA

Having a garden at home is not very hard. In this project my group has to design a garden for a trailer. In this project ,Garden VENTURA we are helping the tenth graders with their project, they have to design the inside of the trailer for the teachers. The tenth graders are our clients in […]

“Tryed” but Still Motivated for Milestone 2- Gaby Ponce, Dream Designers

Hi everyone! So, last class was a bit weird. We officially started Milestone #2, which is where each design team will create the furniture from the official floor plan that was chosen by the teachers on Google SketchUp. In each team the different furniture pieces have been split up between the group members so that […]

Please to meet you… Jordan Smith Jedi Design team

  Oh hello Milestone 2, please to meet you! I’ve heard tons about you. Some things that make me a little bit scared but a lot that makes me even more confident. With Milestone 2, the objective is to come up with a construction binder, that will give detailed plans for building the inside structures of the […]

we’re almost there!- Laura Morales, LuLa’s desing team

So far we’re almost done with the project. We have finished one of the hardest parts of the project, making the model of the airstream. Making the model was difficult because we had to make it up to scale. This is a picture of my model that I made with my team member. Each of […]

The Next Ad-VENTURA Begins! – Meredith Oldham, Bel Floratine Custom Designs

Hello Fellow Ad-VENTURA-ers! Since we last spoke, we have started Milestone #2, although we have just barely scratched the surface. Milestone #2 is going to be another challenging milestone, so we’re hoping to really dig into it sooner rather than later, so we can get it done, and not stress at the last minute, like […]