Project Ventura, Project-based learning

The Fried Chickens
Project Ventura, Project-Based learning project
The best way to learn – Hey guys or girls!!!! I’m Elayna, i’m Elly, i’m Isabella, and I’m Miracle!!! This six week we are doing a big project called Garden Ventura using the learning technique of project-based learning. Project Based Learning is when you do hands on activities to better understand learn about that topic. Project based learning can help improve your communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. You can think of it as the 3 C’s. Project based learning works better for those people that have a hard time understanding thing that is written on paper, the people that need to actually be hands and experience what their learning, or people who enjoy hands-on projects. Personally, this is one of my favorite ways to learn about a new subject. There are four types of learners visual, auditory(listening), reader/writer, and kinesthetic(hands on). There are also many different ways to learn, depending on what type of learner you are. I have learned by writing essays/papers, speeches/talks, presentations, and hand on activities. Depending on your learning style, it’s easier to learn and process things by using different strategies or putting down information different ways. Project Based Learning compared to other types of learning is very different. For example, in project based learning a class can split up into groups and take on a project to learn something that the teacher assigns. Lets say the teacher wants you to do a project on how to stay healthy. One group might go for how to use gym equipment correctly and how it can benefit your body. Another group may lean towards how to keep yourself mentally happy and healthy. Then at the end of the project the groups present so that they can share what they learned and also so they can learn even more. This method (in my opinion) is easier since students only have to work on one presentation, but end up learning about several different ideas and facts. This is different from visual learning by how visual learning takes many more Personally science is my favorite class. I think the Woman’s Wellness project was a great project because I think we had lots of independence with choosing our topic, the design, and the what we wanted to incorporate in general. To me the project was really cool because we got to present our idea to someone and they had to judge it. It kind of felt like I was a person who worked at a company and pitched ideas to the boss. After we chose what idea we were going with it was cool because we got to work as a class and present our idea to the school. It was really fun because we made this little short movie that had information but it was all just words. The movie had words, pictures and a video. I just think this project really opened my mind to something new and showed that there are different ways to present your ideas, that you don’t have to write an essay you can do a prezi or a presentation. In the Garden Ventura project we are investigating “ How can people take small steps towards sustainability?” Each group has to create the exterior design of the vintage trailer that 10 grade engineer students are making into a lounge for the teachers. We have to include a garden that has plants that don’t need lots of water. I really excited for the project and can’t wait to see the outcome of it all. Sources-
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  1. Lily Myers · · Reply

    Hi you guys! It is Lily M., your 7th grade peer. I really liked how your blog is super fun and excited sounding. I felt like I was talking to you in person. I learned more about the project that I did not know before and what our 7h grade role in it was. I really like how you added examples so the reader fully understood what you where getting at. I also liked how you put your sources because that is always a good way to learn more about the information presented if I wanted to learn even more (I do.) So great job. Adios.

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