To be a team player you have to be accepting of different people, and open to others ideas, but you also have to be able to hold onto an idea that you like and not be a pushover, finding a happy medium is key. Also you should not only be able to accept others, but also be able to put in the amount of effort that is needed, not too much and over working yourself, but especially not under working and not getting everything done. What challenges I have faced working as a team? How did I worked through them by? In groups you sometimes have the one person who leads and the rest are quiet. One thing we had trouble with was that everyone in our group was quiet and had trouble sharing our ideas. We got through this by writing all our ideas on a white board and then looked over it as a group. After we all got our ideas out we were able to discuss what we wanted to do and how we were going to do them. Are there are many benefits of working with others? When you work with other people you get to listen to their opinions and experience what others are thinking as well. Another thing that’s good about working with others, is the fact that you get to learn about other people and their way of thinking. When you listen to others ideas you get to look at the question or topic in a different point of view, which is important when working with others. What life lessons are there to learn from teamwork? Some life lessons that you learn from team work are that you learn how to work well with other people. You form new friendships with people you might not normally make friends with. You learn new ways to deal with problems as well.


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  1. Lily Myers · · Reply

    Hi, I am a 7th grader from Ann Richards working on the outside landscape for this project. I thought this was very useful advice that I will defiantly take when working in groups for the project. I thought it was very good that you put your experience of good and needed teamwork but also it showed some more inside about what you guys are doing. I think teamwork is very essential especially for team projects like yours and mine. I hope I make more closer friends through teamwork.

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