Hello There!

Earlier in science this week we learned about the Garden Ventura Project that the 10th graders are doing. We, the seventh graders, are going to be working with our older ‘sisters’ at ARS by designing the outside of the trailer. We will be competing with other groups in our science class to create the final exterior design. We all know this project will be challenging and will definitely push us, but because we are Ann Richards’ girls we will face this task and accomplish it!
We’ve talked to some classmates and asked them about what they thought about designing the exterior design. Most girls said that they are very excited and are very interested in this project. “This kind of thing is new to us and not very many people get to do this everyday,” exclaims Prisila. Although this is a very serious task at hand we all would like to enjoy doing it as well. Some classmates were thinking about painting some type of picture on the trailer to make it colorful and fun-looking. Others are trying to figure out ways to add plants and where to place them. We are all brainstorming creative ideas while keeping in mind of the total cost and eco-friendly materials needed.
We hope that you enjoy reading about this project as much as we enjoy designing the exterior design of the trailer. From the girls in Ms. Sauter’s 7th grade science we would like to like to say thank you for reading this blog!

– Ginger Rodriguez, Alex Coxe, Sammie Seamon, Prisila Samaniego
(Venturian Team)



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