Yes, the Sun is that important! Table 1-1

The Sun emits heat, which is one of the reasons there is life on Earth. Without heat, lifeforms will die. All life forms (including plants) need some amount of heat (large or small). Without the Sun, we will not be able to plant things in the garden, because the soil will not be warm enough. Without it, our project would be kaput. Without the sun we wouldn’t have sunlight, and our garden needs sunlight to grow properly. The plants use the sunlight to change carbon dioxide and water into food that goes throughout the plant. a.k.aImage photosynthesis.

The sun is part of the water cycle and we all know that we need water to survive. The Sun also helps plant grow which is our daily diet. The sun is what balances the Earth, if we have too much sun we will eventually burn and die but, if we don’t have enough of it well will freeze; then die. Yes, the sun can be a major must in our everyday lives, it does come with some cons for the planet regarding the ozone levels. The sunlight can affect the Earth badly because the ozone levels rise when it’s out.

The sun is a big round ball of plasma that gives sunlight to earth. It provides heat and energy for our plants to grow and for humans to have more energy.The sun takes a very important role on earth because it provides light and darkness. Hope no-one’s afraid of the dark!


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