And the Winner Is…. by Alexandra Triampol, MAAT Design Firm


Dream Designer’s model design

    Well, hello there.  It’s been…how long?  Either way, I’m back!  After a nice long break, Project Ventura is back in motion, and we’re starting our second Milestone.  Our second Milestone is about building plans and  officially using Google Sketchup.  We will be dividing up the work of which groups will model which part of the Airstream on Sketchup.  Then, we can devise more planning for cost and materials for the interior.  Also, we narrowed down the Airstream designs to the top five, and the winner was Dream Designers!  Yeah!  Good job, you guys!  Their team is Gaby, Julie, and Faith!  Their design showed a lot of space, a nice cozy couch, good shelving, and pretty much the things teachers wanted in the Airstream.  Job well done!


The totaled scores of the models – the correct and incorrect scores…

    As for the things leading up to that decision, everyone critiqued each other’s designs.  One person from each group was separated into different groups with other members from opposing groups.  An example, I’m in the MAAT Design Firm group, but I was also put into the Blue group to critique.  Abby was in the Green group, and Maya was in the Purple group.  This is called a Decision Matrix Process.  We all critiqued each other’s designs giving each section a rating of 1 to 5, 5 being the best.  We rated the following categories – Appliances, Functionality, Furnishings, Aesthetics, Elegance, and Flow, Cost & Resources, Energy Efficiency, Time and Ease of Implementation, and Robustness.  Then we would tally up the totals and see which designs came on top.


The groups for critiquing the models.

    Since this was around the time we came back from the break, everyone was just kind of “out of it.”  We started off grading really harshly, and then everyone just went down hill and was like, “I give that…a 3…because I’m tired…”  I tried my best to stay consisted.  Everyone in my group was either really tired, didn’t want to do anything, or thought that the process of grading each model took too long.  Because of this attitude, the total calculations were incorrect, especially from the Green group.  Purple did decent, only missing two calculations, and my Blue group only missed one.  Green missed three, which, either way, everyone screwed up.  Mrs. Jo fixed the calculations and got the real winning group.


MAAT Design Firm’s feedback on our design.

    A few classes later, my group and I got the feedback from our group’s design.  A lot of the people said that it need more space and that more seating and tables were needed, but when we designed ours, we designed it to be a work free area.  All the teachers we interviewed said they wanted place more for relaxation.  Everyone else in class was just determined to include every little thing that was mentioned on the teacher surveys.  When people looked at our model, they said it looked bulky and not very spacious.  We actually have proof that it’s indeed not bulky, but quite spacious!  Abby mapped out the whole floor plan with string in the trailer and said it was very spacious and maneuverable.  People were basing their assumptions on a model which is supposively to scale.  At least 85% of our model is to scale, with a few places fudged, because of human error and the material used to create the model.  Even after all the hard work we did, I don’t necessarily think it was for nothing.  It just went unrecognized, but isn’t that how all great inventors start out with?  They come up with a crazy design, and people brush it off, until the inventor becomes a multi-millionaire.

    We updated our Inspiration Board, and added the new items.  We finally got a chance to include our logo.  It was a little last minute towards the end of the first Milestone, but at least we have it.  We added our model design to it and also our feedback.  I added the floor plan I created as well as the mini poster that was used to explain our design.  We rearranged everything and it looks a lot better.


Our new and improved Inspiration Board~!



  1. I lie this one because it described the process of picking the right design and which one they were possibly gonna use for the project. She also described how everyone felt about doing this abctivity on grading the other groups project.

  2. Dhivya B · · Reply

    I really liked how they were detailed, put a lot of thought into it and showed what was going on to the reader. They added humor and told it in their voice. Overall, it was very well written.

  3. I love the way that this post explains how it the grading works. It is also helpful that this person included photos to help really show what she was thinking. This person made it easy to relate to when your being out of it… Yea I was definitely out of it.

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