The winning floor plan. Yay Dream Designers!!

The winning floor plan. Yay Dream Designers!!

Happy (belated) New Year! After having a small break the class is up and ready to continue with Project Ventura. The first week we returned we were split into three groups which evaluated the different floor plans through an elaborate process. As individuals, we would start off by writing down one aspect that we found great and one thing of constructive criticism of the design. Once that was done everyone would share within their group then move on to rating different sections of the floor plan (price, energy efficiency, usage of space, all the appliances wanted, etc.). Our judging scale was from 1 (needs improvement) to 5 (excellent), and we would vote via our fingers, then average it all out. From there, we totaled up the scores of each team’s design from every group and the top 5 floor plans were presented to our clients, the faculty members. All of them had the opportunity to vote over 3 days and we found out who the winner was on Friday. The winner was…Dream Designers!! Congratulations guys!

Feedback that our group received.

Feedback that our group received.

I liked doing the decision matrix (rating all the designs by important aspects included). It helped me see things that worked and what didn’t. Also, it made the choosing of the top 5 designs very fair since it made us think about all of the different things included/not included in the floor plan. For example, the design could have been perfect but the energy efficiency could have been really bad. This process just allowed our class to look at all the essentials. The voting part went pretty smoothly except it was a tiny bit awkward when I had to vote for our own group’s design. Mostly because I began to see all of the little (and big flaws) of our floor plan. Also towards the end of the voting we had all begun to get a little tired therefore graded less harsh.

My group received our feedback with the good things and constructive criticism. Reading through all of them, I agree with pretty much everything. I think one of the main problems with our floor plan was that it was a bit crowded. The arrangement of the tables made it seem less spacious but also people did note that many tables were a good thing, providing lots of work space. The other thing we could have included was more counter space in the kitchen area. Sometimes it’s a bit rough receiving constructive criticism but I’m actually really glad we did this because it’s only going to help us in the future. Although there were aspects of our design that we could have fixed I’m still proud of our final project (and the fact that we actually finished it).

Now that we have our floor plans for the commons area it’s time to start designing the furniture and constructing! I can’t believe we are already at this point in the project. I’m excited to see how this all turns out and I hope you all are, too!

Ally and I fixing up the model before putting it up on our inspiration board!

Ally and I fixing up the model before putting it up on our inspiration board!


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