Evaluation Station (Featuring Elimination) – Emma Foster, Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabrications

It’s been a while hasn’t it? It seems like only yesterday Gus and I (of the Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabrications) finished our model, feeling triumphant and a bit crazed from sleep deprivation. Here are some pictures of our amazing creation:

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Now that it’s been a couple weeks and we’ve gotten a chance to breathe, it’s time to step back and evaluate our work.

The class split up into 3 groups to evaluate each of the 8 models, each evaluation group set up so that the teams that made the models were split into different groups. Evaluating our work was really hard. All the teams worked so hard to make our models the best they could be, and we collectively put about 10,000 hours into this project, so we didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings when giving constructive feedback. What if a chair they made was their pride and joy, and I inadvertently said I didn’t like it?


The 3 groups decision matrices for evaluation

All the feedback we got from our fellow classmates

All the feedback we got from our fellow classmates

We went through each model and rated it on categories like energy efficiency and functionality. Then, each of us gave a sticky note to each team’s model with a positive comment and constructive criticism. Gus and I got a lot of comments about our use of space in our floor plan. Some of our classmates liked how we kept the space open, but some comments said that we should have filled it up more. Ultimately, the constructive criticism we got the most was that we should have added more lounge space, which I agree with. When I saw the other groups models I noticed that there was usually a couch, but our model only had lounge-y chairs. We probably could have had a couch there instead.

We tallied up the scores for each model, and the top 5 with the best ratings would go on to be voted on by the teachers. I’m happy to report that the Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabrications model was included in the top 5! What an honor! Hoorah! But what would the teachers think? I was really curious about what they thought of our design. I wish that there was some way that they could add a sticky note or something about their thoughts on our model, but there wasn’t. I guess I’ll just have to pester all my teachers.

The voting went on for 3 days, but, unfortunately, not all of the teachers voted on the designs. The vast majority of the teachers who did, however, voted for the Dream Designers! Good job, guys!

The Dream Designer's winning model

The Dream Designer’s winning model

The winning floor plan

The winning floor plan

It was a bit sad that only 1 out of 8 teams who worked day and night on this project gets to see their design go into construction, but the Dream Designers earned it. I think that their design had a lot of really good points to it, especially the bookshelf and the couch conference area. Their floorplan had a good balance of work and lounge space, which was what our clients wanted. Congratulations Gaby, Julie, and Faith!


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