Onto a new Milestone… Abby Dougherty MAAT Design Firm

Hello yet again fellow Ventura-ers! This here is Abby Dougherty from MAAT Design Firm yet again with some exciting news about the recent progress in Ventura land. Since I last wrote, the final design has been chosen by the teachers, and the winners are the Dream Designers! Gaby, Faith, and Julie had the best design! After all of the struggles and perseverance, the design has been chosen, and now we are onto a new path in Ventura.

The winning design by the Dream Designers!

The winning design by the Dream Designers!

Ever since we all got back from winter break, the class began narrowing down the designs. In order to do this, the class split up into three groups, the Green, Blue, and Purple teams. Each team was in charge of going through each design and ranking it on a scale of 1-5 for different categories. These categories were, Client Needs – Appliances, Client Needs – Functionality, Client Needs – Furnishings, Aesthetics, Elegance, and Flow; Cost and Resources, Energy Efficiency, Time and Ease of Implementation, and Robustness. This process was time consuming and hard, but interesting at the same time. Each design had key advantages and disadvantages, and it was interesting to discuss with other people what they thought. One thing I didn’t particularly enjoy about this Decision Matrix, was the inconsistency of the voting. Each group voted for each design differently, making some great designs get less votes than another group had initially given. Another thing that I thought was relatively ineffective about the Decision Matrix, was the time at which each design was voted upon. Typically in my group, the first few designs were rated higher, while the last designs were ranked lower, due to emotions and stress of completing the Matrix. Overall, it was an effective way of voting, but I think it may have been a bit inconsistent as a whole.

The Design Matrix final sc

After ranking each individual design, the scores were tallied up and sent to Ms. Jo. It was then her job to establish our top 5 teams that would be further voted on by the clients (the teachers). After three days, the winner was chosen and by far, the winner was as I mentioned before, Dream Designers!

Now that we have chosen our winners, it is time to start planning out how to build and run everything in the newly designed Airstream. Also, we have begun compiling up all of our final products and placed them into our old Inspiration Boards from a few months back. Last class, each team put together their Inspiration Board to suit their taste and update what has been going on. My team placed our completed 3D model, along with the our small posters on our particular board. In order to go about Milestone 2, each team will be in charge of one particular part of the Airstream. It will be each team’s job to establish the construction regime and materials required for each piece.

The MAAT Design Firm's completed Inspiration Board thus Far.

The MAAT Design Firm’s completed Inspiration Board thus Far.

As a whole, I am looking forward to starting and completing Milestone 2, and building the Airstream design. It’s is quite the lengthy process, but it sure will have a more than worthy result!


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