Ventura’s Returna! Gus Dexheimer, Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabrications

Aloha Ventura World! You haven’t heard from most of us since last year! What a sad, sad, horrific truth. Many things have happened. The world of Ventura has become a whole new place. So, I shall catch you up…

Last semester, we finished with a boom/bang/explosion by turning in our final models and load calculations. I think Erf and I were the only group who didn’t split up the work; rather we just did everything together! Isn’t that endearing!? Yes, but it was also mildly exhausting. Both the model and electricity business caught us at a difficult time: right smack in the middle of finals. But staying at school until ten to work on the project gave me a great reason to wear my new pink footy pajamas! And we took frequent cookie breaks. Anyway, we ended milestone one and the semester triumphantly, finishing approximately fifteen minutes before the whole thing was due.


Mrs. Jo and Erf and I looking fancy.v7Erf and I, looking sleep deprived, but relieved.

Now for some pictures of our model!


Then, after we came back from break, we began to narrow down the eight designs. The whole class was split into three groups, and everyone was kept separate from their teammates, meaning Erf and I were brutally wrenched apart. In each group, we went through a complicated process with each design where we discussed the model, gave compliments and criticisms, and rated about seven different areas of the design ranging from environmentally friendliness to ease of movement.


This is the choice matrix that helped us limit the design to five!

The class emerged with five designs, one of which was ours (yay!). Finally, the teachers voted on their favorite design and…Dream Designers won!


Winning design!


Winning design part two!

I have been incredibly impressed with their model from the very beginning. I know Gaby (Ponce) to be amazing at all things creative, as well as a perfectionist (what a combination!). I know Faith is great at focusing and giving attention to every minute detail. And Julie (Tapia) is just wonderful at most things. Especially patience and (again) details. So it was no surprise to me when their victory was announced. I think their design is wonderful and it will be exciting to build! I especially like the bookshelf at the back and the overall spaciousness of the floor plan. The most mention-worthy detail was the tiny alphabet magnets they drew on the tiny model fridge! TINY MAGNETS. It was a sight to see, let me tell ya. As far as feelings go, I genuinely think we all put in about seven hundred hours into our designs and they were all quite quality products. I have never really gotten a sense of crazy competition or scary intensity from any of my fellow Venturers. Ultimately, we are all just doing this thing as a huge group and are pretty much on the same team.

Now that we have a floor plan, we are moving on to Milestone Two, which includes building plans and budgeting. Erf and I will be assigned one part of Dream Designer’s design to do the execution plans for, or we will be working on solar business. I think I would prefer the building plan option, but we shall see. I am really looking forward to the interior design portion. You all may recall my Morocco obsession (refer to every other blog post I’ve ever done and most of Erf’s), which began around September. I can’t wait to further explore it and dust away the cobwebs that have formed since we shifted our focus to modeling. This brings me to our vision boards, (a concept that is still intriguing and wonderful to me; Real Life Pinterest!) which we updated recently. I don’t have a picture, alas, but it looks kind of like it did before, except with the model stuck on there and a huge sum of sticky notes.

I believe that brings you up to date on our engineering lives! I’ll be back in two weeks!



  1. Andrea santos · · Reply

    I loved how you guys included pictures with different views of your model. Your introduction paragraph draws the readers attention and I like how you have a short summary of what it was like to Create a design and calculations for your model. Overall I really enjoyed reading your blog entries they were lovely. – Andrea Santos

  2. emelyn macias · · Reply

    I really like how you guys show like how you guys are improving and showing your ideas , thoughts and opinions about this project , and how you how pics of the models. I also liked how you are very descriptive about the project and explain throughly . Good job!

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