Well, I Lied… *awkward laugh* – Maya Messinger, M.A.A.T. Design Firm

So remember all the way back to last year, when I kind of made a big deal about December’s post being my last? Yeah, so that wasn’t true. In my defense, I didn’t know that. But those CB slang terms are pretty cool…

So, what’s up, Doc? Here at M.A.A.T. Design, we had a hectic couple of days last semester finishing up the floor model, which was our final “exam”, but the break was blissfully Ventura-free (really, school-free). We (group member Abby leading the charge) made a very nice model, pictured below, and had some nice stories to tell. Like stress-eating cookies, emotional breakdowns (it wasn’t me), a pajama onesie that rivals Ralph’s from A Christmas Story, and running around the school lawn at ten at night, waving our spray-painted cardboard… Oh, it was bad.

Anyways, on to this semester. As of last class, we have an official plan for the real deal, the big shebang, the… I think somebody calls it the whale? In class, we split into groups and rated all of the floor plans in certain categories, also notifying groups of pros (we focused a lot on comfort and relaxation) and cons (our two main problems were cramped space and not enough work area) of their design. Some designs were great in, say, aesthetics, but the functionality of the plan brought it down. It was also interesting to see how different the groups rated each model. Some models we really liked didn’t get so high scores from other groups.


Surprisingly, the design the teachers liked the best wouldn’t have even qualified to go to the teacher vote had Ms. Jo not done some double-checking; despite being engineering students, our addition skills while rating weren’t the best…



The evaluating kind of took too long; we got less focused by the time we reached the 8th plan, and some of the categories were also not applicable. For example, we weren’t required to state the cost of our materials, but that ended up being a category on the evaluation… It was a bit tedious and confusing.

But congrats to Dream Designers, Gaby, Julie, and Faith, for being the creators of the final design!


So we passed Milestone 1, and now it’s on to Milestone 2, which may or may not be better. Now that we have a single floor plan, it’s time to run with it and start digitally modelling it. We use Google SketchUp, like the pros, and it’s pretty handy for this kind of stuff (we made houses last semester, which were pretty cool). Each design team will be in charge of creating a digital model of a certain part of the main design, doing final calculations, or figuring out cost and budget issues. You all know the rules about erring on the side of caution; “Measure twice, cut once,” and (paraphrased) “Whatever you calculate something will require, still add more [time, material, money, etc.] to your plans.”

But I think Milestone 2 will be pretty easy. Milestone 3, building the amnday thing, will require the most pure effort. We also have an official day for our “big reveal”, when the trailer is supposed to be done and we present it in front of professional engineer-y people. I think it’s May 29th or 26th. We will have to re-wire the trailer, tear up the flooring, and build every piece of furniture by hand. So, despite what I said in my previous post, I will continue to update blogreaders on what’s happening. I’ll be writing again sometime soon!


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