Airstream Wars Part 2 – Itzel Ruiz Jedi Design Team

Hello and Welcome back, we’ve taken some time off but we are now moving on to Milestone two. Before we could move on, we had to pick a winning design. We split up into 3 major groups with people from different design teams, and gave points to each model depending on how good they looked, space management, cost, and if we would be able to build it. After all the tallying was done we picked the top 5 finalist. However after Ms.Jo went over the Tallying we made some mistakes and new finalist were picked. It is always important to double check any math for errors, because the errors that were made change the finalist from the first time to the second time. The Jedi Team was one of the finalists, yay! Our team was very surprised and happy that we were one of the finalists. After all of that it was up to the teachers what designed they would want for their teacher common space. The Winner was the Dream Designers which are Julie Gaby and Faith. I was happy the winning design and am looking forward to start building the trailer. This weekend I helped Ms.Jo with the past Ventura Project and I really enjoyed it. I helped her sand down the trailer for paint, and add trim to the sides of the trailer as well as remove a side so it could be re-done. It was really nice to see the trailer coming together. The inside looked really nice and I liked how the outside is coming together. Helping Ms.Jo with the past trailer has me really excited for us to start working on our trailer and seeing the end product. In class we have been working on new engineering skills that we will be able to apply to the building of our Airstreams. We have Milestone two coming up. That Milestone will be due by Spring Break and we will be able to start building our trailer which will hopefully be completed before summer. In order to achieve this we will have to split up different tasks between the different groups. This way each group is in charge of a different part of the trailer and we will be able to finish it in time. I am looking forward to being done with the second part so we can get to the fun stuff and start building the trailer. We will also need to figure out the colors and type of furniture we are going to use for the inside. And for the outside of the trailer the 7th graders are working on a garden and picnic area for teachers to be able to enjoy the outside. Like I’ve mention many times before I’m happy to start on the second part of our project so we can get straight to the fun part. We will keep you posted on our improvement this semester, until next time, Itzel from Jedi Design.

winning floor plan tally sheet Jedi Design


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