Dreams Do Come True- Gaby Ponce, Dream Designers

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, but I’m back and better than ever!

Our beautiful model attached to our inspiration board!

Our beautiful model attached to our inspiration board!

Well, last semester’s Milestone is kind of a blur, but I do recall a few things… I remember the long nights spent trying to finish the Airstream model, the time I spent cutting out the window holes after I finished my English final (which is the final I took right before the model was due), and the rewarding feeling of putting the finishing touches on the floor plan. Everyone in P.O.E worked equally as hard on the first milestone, and I think we are all winners in the floor plan challenge, but I have to say it feels good knowing that my group’s design was chosen among the top 5 models as the design that will be used for the actual Airstream! I look back on all of it and think that it’s funny how for a time our model wasn’t even going to be a choice for teachers to vote on because of some miscalculations, but anyways, I’d like to thank all the teachers who voted!

My team's decision matrix.

My team’s decision matrix.

It was really fun going through the decision making process (the decision matrix). We were put into one of three groups where we were to go through the process of evaluating each team’s floor plan. In a group we would go around in a circle and each person would say one thing they really liked about the floor plan and one constructive criticism (these comments would also be written down on a sticky note to give to the teams). Then we would score the floor plan from 1 (needs improvement) to 5 (excellent) on different sections: appliances, functionality, furnishings, aesthetics, elegance and flow, cost and resources, energy efficiency, time and ease of implementation, and robustness. We’d average out the scores given for each section and add them up with the other two groups. This is how we decided who the top 5 design teams were, and these designs would be presented to teachers for voting.

The correct calculations for the decision matrix.

The correct calculations for the decision matrix.

I think the decision matrix was a good way to vote for the top five models because we were put into three groups with only one person from each design team in each group so no team would have an unfair advantage. I actually wasn’t there when my group evaluated my floor plan, but I read through the comments they left and some recurring constructive criticism was that it seemed unrealistic, and that there wasn’t enough dinette seating. I guess I would have to agree with the second constructive criticism, but our team just thought that the working space could double as a dinette area. I’d have to disagree with the thought that out floor plan is unrealistic, I think that our Engineering class is full of do-ers and that we can do anything we set our minds to.

During last class, each team worked on their inspiration board by adding their Airstream model and the comments they received about their model. All the inspiration boards look great, and I can’t wait to keep adding things to them!

Until next time, see ya!



  1. I really like how your team worked very hard to achieve your goal and getting chosen in the top 5 models.

  2. Jazmín M. · · Reply

    Good gob getting chosen in the Top 5 models, your team worked really hard for the best model. Nice job!

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