Drum Roll Please… Jordan Smith- Jedi Design Team

Hey y’all! It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and since then we have finished milestone one and we are onto the second one! Oh boy, what fun! Before I explained what’s happening in the future, let’s talk about the past a little. We finished milestone one with our final model satisfying us. This is the final model for the Jedi design team and we painted it silver, for a more realistic touch! Which actually came out a lot better than we would have imagined. As you can see, we have the actual windows, or if you can actually see we used tape to also give those some realistic features. We have the little door cut and ready to use so we can walk right on it. So let’s go inside?

Final model

Final model

Oh hey! You actually fit through that small door? Just kidding, as you can see we actually have Velcro to open and close. Which was Jessica’s idea, which was a smart and unique one by the way. As you can see through that little window, Jessica’s eye!! So the basic set up was for us to do more with the little space we have. We had plenty of seating and dinning areas for everyone to sit and enjoy. On the back table is a music doc, so the teachers can relax and jam out. We also have a charging station there, it’s a ledge coming straight out of the wall and that was next to the door so the teachers could easily drop off their devices and let it charge! We also have a shelf which included a coffee maker because, teachers love their coffee. Through all the work and stress we put into it, I had to say it was worth it because we came in the top 5! My team and I were so shocked and surprised that we got into the top 5 because we weren’t exactly confident with what we had. Though everyone had something good to say about it, of course we were one’s to criticize ourselves harshly.

Inside the model

Inside the model

The top 5 is the 5 finalist that the teachers get to see and vote on. For these 5 models to be chosen, the students (us) had to evaluate, honestly on how well the model looks, how well is the spacing and other good stuff like that. Tallying. Tallying is very important, and doing it twice is even better. Speaking of, double checking math is always a plus too! I only say this because, one team got dropped out the top 5 while the other one got put in. Mrs.Jo had to go back and check our tallying because there was an error in just about all of the voting. Errors like these made a huge difference. While that one time got dropped, another team came in. And with that coincidence, it was the Dream Designers that came into the top 5 and won the whole thing! Congrats to them! I am actually very happy for them, I love the fact that they won because the tallies were recounted. They are very lucky.

For our second milestone, we have to start with Google sketch-up. As I mentioned before, Google sketch-up is actually something fun and what I like to do. Creating thing and free-handing it is fun. Let’s me see how creative I can get. For this part, we have to divide and conquer, which we did in the last milestone. Wish us luck while we take on a new part in the designing world!

The Winning Floor Plan

The Winning Floor Plan



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