How well you know your CO2? P2-4, Truc Ly, Alexis Miller, Ariel Marrero

What is CO2 anyway?

Carbon Dioxide is a colorless and odorless gas formed burning carbon and organic compounds and by respiration. Two oxygen atoms bonded with one carbon atom which forms the chemical compound CO2.  Carbon dioxide is heavier than oxygen so it will be located closer to the ground if in the same area as oxygen. Wow, very surprising right?

Now, what Carbon Dioxide is use for? Hmm….

Carbon dioxide is used for many things. But for now almost everyone knows that CO2 is present in photosynthesis. It is process when an organism converts light energy such as energy from the sun into chemical energy that then used as a fuel for the organism activity. In the plant chemical energy such as sugar, which are synthesized from CO2 and H2O ( Carbon Dioxide and Water). Then later the plants released oxygen for us to breath. In exchange we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide for the plants!

But, that isn’t the only thing that carbon dioxide is used for. It can also be used in a fire extinguisher, and to make soft drinks, such as sodas. Carbon dioxide is use in most long term refrigeration food products. Some research show that increased CO2, will speed up plant growth by 40%. In 1964, Kumar Patel create a carbon dioxide laser that is still useful today. This laser used for surgery and different kind of skin treatment.CLICK HERE FOR MORE GAS LASER!

 Well, CO2 is pretty great but, there is always a bright and a dark side to everything…

Alexis Reply: I love carbon dioxide, it is essential for plants. Humans give off carbon dioxide when the exhale however large amounts can be poisonous to humans. The plants that use the carbon dioxide give of oxygen which we inhale and exhale what the plants use.  Carbon dioxide is bad for us however it is good for plants.  I have a garden and it was successful when I kept it watered and in suitable weather but when the weather got to hot or cold it died out.  As much I love plants, I also love to live. Carbon dioxide can be a very poisonous gas if there is too much, and can lead to unhealthy ozone levels. CLICK HERE TO SMOG CITY it is an interactive website you should check it out 😉

Should we be worried about CO2 Levels?

Ariel Reply:  The Earth atmospheric CO2 is 396.61 ppm, according to NOAA & Scripps. I say carbon dioxide is the number one reason why there are global warming and climate change. I hope that number would drop, but it’s predicted that number would soon reach 400 ppm.

What can I do to help?

Truc Reply: Well remember this, humans can cause a lot problems, but we also can fix it as well. You can ride, or walk to places instead of driving in a car. Do you know that cars release a lot of CO2? If you can’t do that, like me. I have a garden, that is filled with roses, wildflowers, and vegetables. In my garden I have beans, green okra, squashes, and lettuces. I love to go outside in my backyard, and breathe in some fresh air, especially in spring. I also have a compost bin, to put in some compost. I recommend it because it’s very good for my plants. For more details on how to stay green for your family, click the link below and have fun with your new clean life! 🙂


Here is a fun comic strip related to CO2

                                                                                                                                                                      The End ;D



  1. Lily Myers · · Reply

    Hi, yall it is Lily M. from your 7th grade class. I read your blog and enjoyed it very much. It was a great review and had neat facts about what co2 is in (like soda whoa!!!) I especially loved the great visuals especially the comic at the end it really it even more interesting. I liked how you provided lots of information and put it in strong sentences. I really love your title as well it is really fun and pulled me in. Good job.

  2. McClain D. · · Reply

    Hey guys,
    Really love your blog post, it’s so detailed and specific, it taught me so much about CO2. Yet, you kept it simple, and interesting for anyone to read. This will definitely help me and the other groups about how important CO2 is for our project.

    ~McClain D.

  3. Heyy fellow classmates,
    I just wanted to tell yall that I really enjoyed how creative you were with your post. I liked that you each had a question and and a unique answer. I also loved the comic it was very creative. Good Job! 🙂

  4. Georgia H · · Reply

    I love how you guys used subtitles to break up you post! I also really loved the little cartoons that you guys put in to make the explanations clearer. It’s very specific and detailed and overall really great! Knowing this about CO2 will really help with out project!

  5. Lucero Martinez · · Reply

    I really liked your post it was great I liked the cartoons that y’all put to make the explanation clear. Another thing I notice is that you have a lot of details and it made me understand more about what you were saying. This was a great post and it was useful. c:

  6. Vanessa Leija · · Reply

    I really liked how your blog is set up. You were very creative with the color in the text (: I love how your blog post it detailed and very specific! I enjoyed it very much! You guys did a really great job! Loved the cartoons and pictures!

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