Milestone Numero Dos (2), LuLa Custom Design, Lucy Saucedo


Im back ! Sorry ive been gone for a while but im back and ill tell you what has happened in the past few well since last year. Well to start off we declared our winner. Yes ! we finally have a winner ! Drum roll please …… It is Dream Designers. Yay ! I absolutely loved their design it was simple and very cozy. Their design was one of my favorite but then all of the other teams were absolutely great.

The way we voted for our winner was this system. At 1st we wanted all the teachers that participated to vote for all 8 models but Mrs.Jo thought that their would be to much of ties and their would not be an exact winner. She decided to let our class vote.We got into 3 groups and everybody was in different groups teammates were not in the same group we all got split up. In these groups we had assigned different things for example the Facilitator, Reader, Timer, Talliers 1&2. Let me explain these positions, the Facilitator is the person that is the leader of the group this person will tell the group to stayed focus and to do their assigned jobs. The reader reads what the groups have a paragraph explaining their floor plan. The Tallier collect the votes from their following teammates . Something really weird for me was evaluating my project. It was the weirdest it was like criticizing my self which is very weird for me.Something I found out about my design is that their was not that much space to walk which was a major mistake in my part but besides that our design was pretty good.


Know lets talk about last year and what happened. Well we finished our 1st Milestone we have only 2 more to go. Yay. Well the 1st one was pretty stressful but luckily we got a Winter break, 2 weeks but it was pretty nice resting from the stress.  Today we started our 2nd milestone ( Building Plans) This means that we as a class are starting to create our furniture, from scratch. Yes !scratch. We will be researching what type of wood works for each type of furniture, and also types of screws we will need and the tools we will use.


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