The Airstream Dream – Julie Tapia, Dream Designers

After working so hard to complete milestone 1, the engineering students got a well-deserved winter break. Now we are back and ready to continue working towards the Airstream dream. Each floor plan we created was individually judged based on appliances, functionality, furnishing, aesthetics/elegance/flow, cost and resources, energy efficiency, ease of implementation, and robustness. This is known as the decision matrix process. The engineering students were divided into 3 groups that would judge all the floor plans. Each member of the group would hold up a number from one to five (5 meaning excellent) for a floor plan’s furnishing. The average number would be written down and the same thing would be done for robustness, energy efficiency, appliances, etc. Then, the average number for all the different elements would be added and each floor plan was given an overall score. Each group followed this same process for the remaining floor plans.

The Decision Matrix Process

The Decision Matrix Process

Based on the overall scores, Dream Designers was ranked 5th out of the 8 floor plans. Our floor plan was deemed unrealistic, meaning it was too complicated and couldn’t be executed due to our limitations. I agreed that our floor plan had many faults. In my opinion, Fo-sheimer created the best floor plan. However, it was up to the teachers to vote on a winning floor plan and the group that won was… *drum roll*… Dream Designers! It was definitely an unexpected victory. We had worked so hard to complete Milestone #1, but so did the other groups. I wish that all our floor plans will somehow be incorporated into the Airstream because they were all amazing. Each floor plan has something unique and impressive. If all the awesome, unique aspects of the floor plans were combined, we could create the ultimate floor plan.

Ranks based on the decision matrix process

Ranks based on the decision matrix process

Milestone #2 has yet to be revealed, but I’m guessing it will involve the aesthetics of the Airstream. Our floor plans were only allowed to have neutral colors (gray, black, white), so hopefully we will now get to choose colors and a theme. I think we will have the most fun with this task. One of the themes I have in mind is under the sea. Blue is known to be a relaxing color, and after working hard, teachers need a place to feel relaxed. Making the Airstream look like the sea will make teachers feel relaxed, as if they were on a vacation at the beach. Green is also a good color to use for calmness. We could make the Airstream look like the view from the top of  a mountain. There would be green trees, green grass, green bushes, and the big, blue sky. There are so many things left to do for this project, including the actual building. I am really looking forward to building everything and learning to use different tools. Whatever the next milestone will be, I’m excited to continue working on this project.

The Winning Floor Plan

The Winning Floor Plan


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