Welcome to 2014! New year, New Plans! By Marlene Rodriguez

Hey you guys! I know, it’s been a while! And yes, I know, it’s not the same without me. But anyhow, that’s not what i came in here to talk about. Last semester we created a model of what each group wanted the trailer to look like. It was the vision each group had on the trailer. Of course everyone’s was different. At the end of the semester, we finished the models along with the info of each object we were to have in the trailer. I really enjoyed doing this. It was fun choosing which appliance we wanted to choose. But it was also hard when we found the perfect appliance, but we couldn’t find much information about it. I didn’t like it when that happened, and it actually made things more stressful, but at the end, we would find appliances closer to the one we wanted originally. So things worked out at the end. During this, someone else from the group would be working on the model. I think ours (Ever-Green) trailer model came out pretty good. (Picture below.)

When we finished our trailer models, it felt good. Not having to stress about the project felt good. Now, we are able to relax more. I’m excited to announce that this semester, the teachers at our school, got to choose out of the top 5 trailers (we chose with a process that was quite useful and turns out that actually engineers use this method! We Divided into groups, and then went through each trailer model, and gave them rates based on each category) and the winner was Dream Designers! The girls in the group are Julie, Gabby, and Faith! I’m glad they won, i really liked their design. Now that the teachers had chosen the winner, we will be now working on the building the actual model into the trailer, and also work on the actual electrical stuff. I’m pretty pumped about doing both. We will also be working with the 7th graders, or should i say they would be working with us. They will be working on the gardening, the outside of the trailer, they will be making it more homey and comfortable.

The plan this semester is to get to build the Trailer before the school year ends. The reason most of our class and the teachers chose Dream Designers! design was because it was realistically something we could build in such short time, plus it had all of the requirements and also made the teacher’s relax and comfortable. I”m excited about building the furniture, buying the items we will be needing for the teachers, painting, creating something! I love when i build new things, it just makes me think about the future, how amazing it’ll be. I tend to think about the future. Well thanks for reading this! Maybe until next time y’all!

Here’s the winning Trailer model! It’s so organized, well fitted and has all the requirements! Dream Designer’s designed this model and was chose by the teachers of our school!


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