And the winner is…. Jennifer Chaparro -Ever-Green Design Firm

First of all, I hope all of you enjoyed the wonderful holidays with your loved ones, and began the New Year with joy. I am back to inform you about our Project Ventura! I am not done with my mission, I have more to tell you about our class assignment. Back in December, the Principles of Engineering class was able to finish their first milestone, which included creating a scale model of the airstream, calculation the electrical requirements, and designing a floor plan. This milestone not only helped the class in creating an idea for what each group wanted but also it made the students become closer to each other, especially the day we all stayed after-school till’ 10 pm to finish our models.winner

Now that we’ve returned to the Principles of Engineering class we were able to select the top five design models for our clients and our final decision of what they selected. In order to select the top 5 design plans, Ms. Jo created a decision matrix where we were all divided into 3 groups and gave each model a certain “grade” for how well their model was based in certain aspects. And then we would add all the points that each person gave and compare them to the other models to see which model was the most favorable for our clients. This Decision Matrix really helped us in figuring out which model was the most likable floor plans that met most of clients requirements. I feel like this Matrix helped in  selecting the top models fairly, I also liked the idea that we were able to give each design firm feedback. We gave them constructive criticism and also aspects that we liked.

vision boardAnother thing that we were able to work on was updating our Vision Boards, and I thought we were done messing with them. We had the opportunity of adding our models to our vision boards with our feedback. This involve, for our design firm, to cut lots of tape and rearrange our items. We had to chop off lots of excess paper that was not needed, and I have to admit I did rip some stuff by “accident.”

For today’s research I decided to learn more about color and its role in interior design. Color can improve moods, increase productivity, boost energy, improve concentration and lower or raise blood pressure, color matters when it comes to using it in residential or commercial environments. For example, the color blue, we normally associate this color with the sky and water, it gives us a sensation of relaxation and calmness. The color blue can actually lower our blood pressure, give us a perception of a low temperature in the room. Whereas the color red has the ability to raise blood pressure, increase appetite, and make us believe that the room temperature is high. Red can typically be associated with blood and fire, red gives off a vibe of aggressiveness, passion and boldness. Yellow is associated with sunshine, gives off a feeling of happiness and optimism. Green with nature, it is believed to represent environmentalism and envy, and also helps improve learning in classrooms. Orange associates with promoting socializing while pink is comforting and soothing and can be associated with femininity.

Did you know?

  • That blue is the most popular color among men and women (57% men and 35% of women).
  • Men prefer bold color with an emphasis on achromatic tones
  • Women are more attracted towards soft color and prefer tints over shades
  •  Shades: Colors with black added
  • Tints: Colors with white added
  • Achromatic: Adjective meaning “free of color”

Thank you for reading this and toddle-li-do! See you very soon!


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