A table that Ana White built, found on her website.

A table that Ana White built, found on her website.

Hello everyone! Last class we began to work on Milestone 2 of Project VENTURA. Originally each group was going to design one piece of furniture but instead each group is going to design all of the furniture. It’s kind of a big change and whole lot more work but it’s something that happens in life and we’re all making the best of it. Within my group we split up all of the furniture according to the difficulty of designing it on Google Sketchup. I’m doing the dinette, long tables, and book shelves. I’m a little bit worried about this milestone because I’m not the best/familiar with Sketchup. We practiced using it at the beginning of the year but we haven’t really done anything with it since. Normally I wouldn’t be so worried about having to learn how to use it except we have a bit of a time constraint. It’s okay though because if we finished that physical scale model on time then we can definitely accomplish this.

A picture of the house that Ana built from her blog.

A picture of the house that Ana built from her blog.

To help inspire us to make furniture we’ve been looking at designs by Ana White. Ana White is a woman from Alaska who builds and designs furniture, then shares them on her blog, She built her house and has always had a love for constructing. It’s amazing what she’s done! I’ve decided to explore her blog and find some tips that will help us with designing and building the furniture.

Something to think about when choosing colors is that white will show any messes immediately, even the smallest speck of black. Ana White was describing her experience with the white table that she made and talked about how it was a lot of work to keep up with. The teachers will definitely not let the commons area become messy but we don’t want them to slave over having to clean every little thing. It is supposed to be an area of working on what they need to do and relaxing.

One of the tools we may be using, found on the United States Department of Safety website!

One of the tools we may be using, found on the United States Department of Safety website!

For the building aspect of this project it’s a good idea to get familiar and learn as much as you can about the tools and skills you’ll be needing. I found the website Stanley Hand Tools which has a bunch of different safety tips for a variety of tools (tape rules, hammers, screwdrivers, snips, knives and blades, etc.). I thought this was a good website for us to look at when the time comes to building the furniture. Since I’m not entirely sure which tools we’ll be needing I won’t go in depth about the safety tips for each. On the website for the United States Department of Labor they have a section dedicated to cautions and safety tips for both hand and power tools. According to this website, there are five general safety precautions that we should follow while working with the tools: Keep all tools in good condition with regular maintenance, use the right tool for the job, examine each tool for damage before using it, operate according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and provide/use proper protective equipment.

Those are just a few tips to help us along with the project. Ms. JO is going to give us more lessons in class about the tools we’ll be using and how to be safe. I’m not that worried about any fingers being lost and such.


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