Milestone 2 Begins! Abby Dougherty MAAT Design Firm

Hello yet again Ventura followers! This past week was the kick off of Milestone 2 so it’s time to get cracking! It’s hard to believe that we are finally starting the building plans for the trailer. Milestone 2 is very different from the first milestone.

The first milestone was focused on creating a design, and the second milestone focuses on following through. The way milestone 2 is set up is as follows: each team designs and organizes construction plans for each piece of furniture in the trailer. Each piece of furniture gets its own individual design, along with custom building plans and materials. Similar to Milestone 1, at the end of Milestone 2 the construction and design plans will all be evaluated, and then voted on. Claiming the team with the most votes and best overall design of the furniture pieces the winners! The winning design is what the entire class will work to build after Spring Break in March.

We are using Google Sketchup to design our furniture!

We are using Google Sketchup to design our furniture!

While most of us have only just started brainstorming ideas for the designs of the furniture, not too much progress has been made. My group has divided up the work amongst us so that each person is in charge of two individual pieces of furniture, as well as one large piece for the entire group. It is my job to design the stools, as well as the counter top in which the microwave is placed; Maya’s job is to design the counter top/bar where the teachers can eat, as well as the table for the booth; and Alex is in charge of the individual tables and shelving. As a group, it is all of our jobs to create the construction plans for the couch/booth towards the front end of the Airstream.

An example of how we are to design our furniture!

An example of how we are to design our furniture!

With those plans set out, we have begun sketching ideas and preparing for class time to begin the work. In the mean-time, our class/pathway has been preparing for Pathway visits. Each year, the three Pathways get together to represent ourselves to the 8th graders who are coming up to high school next year. This year at the Pathway visits, us 10th graders talked all about project based learning, as well as our Ventura project. Personally, I hope they consider engineering as their Pathway, because it’s such a unique way to express yourself and learn, all while creating awesome things (like the Airstream!). During the visit, we helped the 8th graders make these things called “Throwies.” These Throwies were little LED lights attached to a battery and a magnet. Even though they were simple little inventions, they sure were cool to make and throw at things (Magnetic things that is). Working the Pathway visits today helped me to get excited to get back at Project Ventura with new eyes, ready for anything.

The LED lights on the Throwies from the Pathway visits!

The LED lights on the Throwies from the Pathway visits!

Milestone 2 is long from being completed, but I have faith that it is all going to turn out absolutely awesome. I can’t wait to see how my groups’ designs turn out, as well as the rest of the classes.


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