Milestone 2! Furniture Time! Jennifer Chaparro -Ever-Green Design Firm

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 9.37.16 AMHello Again! Well, where do I begin… Last class the Engineering class was able to learn whom the winners were and also begin our Milestone 2. We began class by finding out what our Milestone 2 was, each group had to design all the furniture based on the winning design floor. What each group is in charge is of following the floor plan, meaning we can build the furniture however we want as long as we keep the idea of the floor plan. What the Ever-Green Design Firm was able to accomplish on this day was get the actual measurements of a portion of the trailer where the couch is to be placed. What the team did was use a measuring tape and actual tape to see how the couch space will actually look, the tape really helped in order for us to actually see how much space the couch will take up.

What I was able to learn on this day was that the foundation of the Airstream is not equally balanced, when we were measuring one side of the trailer one side was more deeper than the other. We came up with the idea of putting two pieces of tape on the wall one where the edge of the couch will meet, and then another piece on where the couch will end. We were able to get the same exact measurements for both parts of the Airstream, no off dimensions where found when doing this procedure.

The idea that each group will be able to create their own furniture and then the class as a whole will select the type of furniture design for the Airstream sounds great. The Ever-Green Design Firm has another chance to prove we are design capable! Our goals for this Milestone is to be stress-free and enjoy this portion, I feel like its going to be fun creating the furniture on Google Sketch Up, being able to actually create it and have it in a mini scale portion sounds even better! To be realistic, although the Milestone will be fun, we will also be faced some challenges group wise and also class wise.

The research I decided to do for this Blog Entry was the 10 commandments of furniture arrangement, I wanted to focus on the idea of furniture so why not learn about the 10 commandments of furniture. The 1st commandment is, area rugs belong under furniture, and undersize rug makes a room seem smaller and a larger room seem disconnected. The 2nd rule is, couches should be surrounded by a little space, “ Placing a couch even a few inches away from the wall will create a little breathing room and make a space seem larger,” Angelo Surmelis says. 3rd commandment, light the entire room, lighting is one of the most important elements in a space says Erinn Valencich, light sources should be placed while making sure every corner get equal attention. 4th rule, beds are the main focus, according to Valencich, “ Bed placement should acknowledge the focal point of the room. The 5th commandment of furniture arrangement is: the higher the curtains, the better, whenever your curtains are hanging high from the ceiling to the floor it makes the ceilings seem lot higher and expands the room. The 6th commandment is dinning room tables go under overhead lights, although if you are unable to be creative and place it against the wall. 7th commandment, coffee tables should be large, large coffee tables can help xpand and connect the room. 8Th, dressers are not a stand alone piece, placing it against a wall looks best and it is where it belong, no corners, corners make the space look dead. 9th rule, hang paintings and mirrors in relation to the rest of the furniture, meaning don’t hang pictures too high, wall art should ground its surroundings. The last commandment is Televisions aren’t the main attraction of a room, you should not want to ignore the beautiful fireplace or something that would architecturally be a natural main element in the room. This rules should always be kept into consideration when arranging your furniture in your home or where ever, you want to make the room comfortable not suffocating.

I enjoyed learning about furniture arrangement, now I can prove to my mother that the sofa fits best next to the wall, facing the windows! And the Tv should not be the main attraction in the living room… well never mind, I like the Tv, I’ll keep that one to myself.

Thank you and have a nice day! Talk to y’all later, Toodle li do! And go Milestone 2!


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