Please to meet you… Jordan Smith Jedi Design team


Milestone #2

Milestone #2

Oh hello Milestone 2, please to meet you! I’ve heard tons about you. Some things that make me a little bit scared but a lot that makes me even more confident. With Milestone 2, the objective is to come up with a construction binder, that will give detailed plans for building the inside structures of the Airstream. We will start using Google SketchUp now, and that is my favorite part. In Google SketchUp we will have to design what it looks like, how will it work with the space that we have. We all have to get a designated area to do in the airstream. Mine so happen to be the couch and the dinette. Yet, I did a little something something over the snow days that we have. So, be prepared for that surprise. In the binder we must include dimensions, materials and tools, cut list (which I’ll explain later) and general instructions. That’s only the first part! The second part is we will need to figure out how it will stay together. This will include the fastening types and techniques we chose. In part three, we have to figure out what kind of wood we would like. Natural wood is the cheapest and the best for our budget. We need the size and how much we will need so we don’t have left overs and waster money. This includes the type of lumber we chose for each construction. The final part, four, we have to make a spreadsheet including where we got our tools, the price of everything in total. Lucky, the Jedi Design team is experience with making binders like so because in the first Milestone, I thought it would be a good idea to have a binder with all of our sketches and pictures and dimension and basically everything we ever used inside of it. So doing so shouldn’t be too big of a problem. Actually, I am confident that we will geterdone. Word on the street, Milestone 2 will be over before we know it and then we will be building soon. So staying on top is best for this one!

Picture of cut list

Picture of cut list

Today is class we learned how to make a cut list, which is a requirement in Milestone 2. A Cut List shows how to cut a given set of parts from a given set of available stock. There are four steps to do this. Step #1 Find the length of each type of board, step #2 calculate the total inches, step #3 find the number of feet and last step #4 find how many long 12′ boards you will need. When you read the steps it’s fairly easy. Filling in the graph is easy as well, so the stressing shouldn’t be here. Even if it is, we will just reach out for help.



Rough draft of areas

Rough draft of areas

Speaking of Milestone 2, who’s ready for that surprise I was talking about earlier? Well during the multiple snow days we had, I decided to practice on my Google SketchUp skills and I think they’re pretty darn good for a beginner. If this floor plan looks familiar, you should recognize it from the winning team! That’s right, in my free time I decided to basically model the whole trailer. Not including the stools considering I’m going to need to ask Ms.Pam about that because those are very hard to make. I did my part to test it and some of my other members part just to test it out. They called me crazy but I know it will only keep us a step ahead of the game. Last Milestone was actually pretty scary considering we stressed a lot or saying ahead and ready to do more is going to keep us away from that little breaking point we have. I did this in my free time so when we got to class, there wouldn’t be too much work to do and finalizing it will be easy and making it and helping my group will be easier. I have faith in us, we may stress a lot but we get through it.




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