“Tryed” but Still Motivated for Milestone 2- Gaby Ponce, Dream Designers

Hi everyone!

So, last class was a bit weird. We officially started Milestone #2, which is where each design team will create the furniture from the

official floor plan that was chosen by the teachers on Google SketchUp. In each team the different furniture pieces have been split up between the group members so that the job can be done more efficiently. In my group,  the counter/bar, the personal table, and the chair has been left up to me to design. I like how each design team is being given another chance to show what they’ve got hidden under their sleeves. I feel like the idea of creating this furniture is easy, but actually doing it on Google SketchUp will be challenging. It’s been a while since I last used Google SketchUp, but it makes me feel better knowing that we’re all in the same boat and I have a whole class full of people I can turn to for help.

I haven’t actually started on any pieces of the furniture because I didn’t really know where to start. I started by looking up how-to instructions on how to create tables and chairs. It looks simple enough, but I’m still not exactly sure how I want my furniture to look. During class we looked at some of Ana White’s creations, who is a mother and a homemaker that lives in Alaska. She has a whole website dedicated to homemaking, it looks pretty awesome and I recommend you check it out even if you’re not into homemaking.

The Tryed Side Table designed by Ana White!

The Tryed Side Table designed by Ana White!

Ana White’s website has actually been really helpful because I have never had to create my own furniture (I know, shocking) and she has definitely given me some good ideas for how I want to design the furniture. I have been looking mainly as her tables, since I have to create two tables, and I have been liking one in particular: the Tryed Side Table.  It looks simple and easy to make but it also has a nice look to it. I also see a lot of furniture designs that my other group members with different furniture pieces could use.

The floor plan we created.

The floor plan we created.

During class I also spent some time with Abby and Alex from MAAT Design Firm creating the layout of the Airstream floor plan. On paper it seems simple, but I know that creating the pieces on Google SketchUp will be a challenge, and building the furniture in real life will be an even bigger challenge. I haven’t used a power tool since PLTW in middle school, so that should be interesting. (Mrs. Jo, if you’re reading this you should video tape our class as we attempt to build the furniture.) I feel that it’s especially going to be difficult to make the couch because it sort of has to be fitted to the shape of the Airstream, so it has to curve. The same goes for the shelving on the other side of the Airstream.

Well wish us good luck! I’ll talk to you guys soon in my next blog!



  1. Lauren Gredicek · · Reply

    I can totally relate when you said that you feel better when everybody in your class is on the same boat! School can be overwhelming!

  2. I hope you get through your milestone. It seem that you are on the right track to getting started to build your piece furniture.

  3. Thanks for putting me up to date in the first paragraph, it really help me understand better the things that have been going on. Good luck on the project!

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