we’re almost there!- Laura Morales, LuLa’s desing team

So far we’re almost done with the project. We have finished one of the hardest parts of the project, making the model of the airstream. Making the model was difficult because we had to make it up to scale. This is a picture of my model that I made with my team member. Each of the models had a description of the furniture that each team decided to put in their model, the last thing it had was the amount of energy that each of the appliances was going to use. The other difficult part of the project was trying to find furniture that was energy efficient, and trying to  calculate how much energy each appliance was going to use.  But after all the hard work that each of the teams had to do, we finally got a winner Gaby, Faith and Julie.



This is the picture of the winners that the teacher chose for the airstream. They wouldn’t have been the winner if Ms. Jo hadn’t check the final results from the top five that the engineering class chose for the teachers.

The errors that were made while counting the votes of each group were a big difference that left “dream design” Gaby, Faith and Julie’s team out of the top five designs. One of the sad part was that one of the groups was out of the top five, but we all knew that everyone was a winner already since we worked really had in our models. And now that we have the winners we’re going to start working in the construction of the airstream. But first we had to show the whole school how hard we worked in the models, so each group put their model in the board. Now all of the boards are filled with all of the models and feedback that each classmate gave to the design team.


This is how my team’s board looks like. In the board we have the first sketches we did of the airstream; pictures that helped us inspire ourselves with the designing of the inside of the airstream. Then we added the model, the feedback we got, measurements of airstream, and description.

Now we’re going to start working with googles sketch up to model the parts that each team is responsible to build.




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