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EverGreen storage Box inspiration to be green

EverGreen storage Box inspiration to be green

Hello again!

This is Bethany informing you on what we have been up to for the past few days since our last blog post. With the winning floor plan already chosen we are now focusing on creating the actual detailed interior. With this in mind the groups are not competing on which interior design will be selected. For the past few days we have been focusing on how to actually construct the parts that will go into the trailer. My group has already personally went in the trailer to measure were rounded couch will go and how we want it to look. In class we went over Furniture Planning 101 and talked about the most efficient ways to construct the furniture. We also learned about the different types of hinges, some that fold up some that fold down so there will be more space if the teachers want more space to do other things. We talked about the different ways to also conserve space by having the tables being hinged in the trailer so they can fold up or down, just like in the other ventura trailer. In the floor plan there is two long tables, the shelving and entertainment console (in the back), small tables and chairs, stools, a rounded couch and a table in the dinette/ couch area. We will be constructing all of these but the stools, which we agreed was too complicated. We need to keep in mind how everything will fit and make sure that the furniture is big or small and efficient to fit in the space. And just perfect!

Table that folds down by a hinge

Table that folds down by a hinge

My team has created a way to get everyones ideas on paper then maybe chose from a final or just combine our ideas. We have different sheets of paper titled with the part we are designing and we rotate the papers to sketch a rough sketch on what we want the part to look like. We will hang it up on our inspiration board and decide on final designs. With this Milestone (Milestone #2: Building Plans) each design team will come up with a construction binder, which will give detailed plans for building the interior structures of the airstream. The sketches we made will also go in the folder as rough drafts. This process will teach us the basics of design planning, construction, fastening, and how to use basic power tools.

We went over Beam Deflection that will help us determine the orientation we would want to have constructing the furniture. I also learned that The deflection of a spring beam depends on its length, its cross-sectional shape, the material, where the deflecting force is applied, and how the beam is supported.

We will be doing Detailed Building Plans using Google Sketchup, fastening plans, that is how i got the hinges idea, and figure out the wood plans and we will need to figure out the purchasing plans

In class we also went over how to make a parts list of a saw horse and miter saw table or chop saw table. With this introduction to a parts list we can make use it to keep our stuff in order.

Well this has been a entry to catch you guys up on what the Ever-Green and my class has been up to. Thank you for taking time to read this. See you soon hopefully!

Original Ventura Trailer

Original Ventura Trailer


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  1. Elyssa J. Castillo · · Reply

    I am really looking forward to your final product and I know it’s going to look really cool and I just wish you guy’s luck.

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