Squares Will Be Shelves! – Alexandra Triampol, MAAT Design Firm

    Hello, viewers!  Alex, here!  We’re finally back on a normal schedule at school.  Tuesday, we got some ice/snow/sleet/whatever you’d call it, so we didn’t have school.  But, we’re back and it’s going to go back to normal here with Project Ventura.  Thursdays and Fridays are my new blogging days.  It’s not so bad, but Thursdays and Fridays are when I start to slightly slack off… But not today!  I’m going to get some work done and be productive!  Now that we’re in Milestone 2, we are again working on designing the Airstream, but this time, it’s the interior furniture.  The furniture we will have are two long tables down the sides of the Airstream, a bookshelf on one end, a couch on the other end, two individual tables, a small counter by the couch, and  a small table by the couch.  CAM00550[1]

    In my group, I’m in charge of creating the individual tables and the shelf.  I’ve created a few sketches so far on what the tables and shelves could look like.  I spent more time with the shelf because that was a bigger piece than the tables.  The shelf, honestly was more fun to design than the table.  Here are a few ideas of what the shelf could look like.  I made about five sketches of the shelf and two sketches of the tables.  One of the sketches for the table is just really bad, but I like the other table idea.  It’s a cube shaped table, but the inside is hollowed out.  I’m debating whether I should leave a “bottom” on the table or not.

   For the shelves, I created multiple variations of the same idea of a rectangular shelf.  First I started with a type of shelf that’s similar to my dresser.  It’s split in half with multiple sections (minus the drawer doors) with the right side having varying heights and the left side having again, various heights, but with extra little sections.  Then I branched off and created a shelf that reminded me of a tv stand.  There’s a section in the middle with taller sections to the side.  The divided sections are equally spaced this time to create a sophisticated but modern and sleek design.  There’s five sections in this design, the middle one being the larger one.  With this design, I was planning to put the printer in the center, and the teachers can use the other two sides for whatever they want.  My third design is basically the opposite of the second one.  I’m not sure, but I thought it would look cool to flip the second design so that the middle section is the tall section, and you have two empty sections to put CAM00551[1]things on top.  There’s only four sections on this one.

   My last two designs are a bit farfetched maybe?  They are totally different from the last three you’ve seen.  This fourth design, after looking at it, reminded me of the school gym lockers we have.  There’s small sections and then the occasional larger section.  When I designed these shelf ideas, I like to stick with patterns so it doesn’t look like I didn’t just put squares on a piece of paper and call it a “shelf.”  Anyway, my last design is an interesting design that I came up with on the spot.  It’s a shelf with hollowed out areas.  Every other block section, has no “walls or back” to them.  I indicated an “O” to represent the open areas.  With the top two corners, I added a type of book holder/stopper.  It also works as support for the bottom areas because there’s no wall in those empty sections.  I think it’s an aesthetically pleasing look with a cool design.

   Other than the designing the shelves and table, we got a chance to see the old trailer that Mrs. Jo was working on.  It looks nice with the added furniture of the couch and dinette area.  Maya was too comfy to get up from the couch.  It was really nicely stuffed.  We can thank Itzel for that.  😀CAM00547[1]CAM00546[1]


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