The Truth about Garden VENTURA

Having a garden at home is not very hard. In this project my group has to design a garden for a trailer. In this project ,Garden VENTURA we are helping the tenth graders with their project, they have to design the inside of the trailer for the teachers.

cms_file_19240487_med cms_file_19240489_med cms_file_19240491_med The tenth graders are our clients in this project because they have a project called Project VENTURA and for this project as you may already know from reading this blog they[1]  are required to design a trailer from scratch and then they actually have to make the trailer and design it from the inside and put all the furniture in and the appliances. They have asked the seventh graders science class to design the outside of the trailer and how we want it to look like, like if we want a vegetable garden we have to use Google sketch up and design what we want the outside (garden) to look like and they are going to choose who’s is better and then we are going to actually have to design the garden that gets chosen. This trailer is for the teachers and we have to design a trailer with their wants and needs and then the tenth  graders choose the best and i think that working with the tenth graders is going to be really fun.

What we have done to make sure that we are addressing with our clients, the 10th grade engineering class, is to do surveys. To really see what interests them the most because at the end of the day we are doing this for everyone not only for the teachers or student but for the ARS family. When I say a survey they aren’t just some basic question or yes or no questions but questions that will make them think of what there gonna put as there answer. We actually picked the questions for our sisters we went to a whole voting thing and making really big decisions on which questions will help us the most on building the Garden[2]  VENTURA. What we are really doing is everything we can to make the best garden possible for our ARS family.


This project will be useful in the future I know it because maybe in the future we will use what we learned in this project to do another project like growing a garden in the school. And If we did something like what they would be asking us  it would be easy because we will know plants for Austin, Texas climate. This would be useful in the future and if you can’t a garden in your house you will know some plants and information to know what to do? This project is a good experience and it would be useful for the future.

This project has not been so challenging yet. This actually has been really easy and fun.  I like this project so far. I like that we get to design our own garden for the trailer. We get to choose what flower, fruits, or vegetables are going to be in it. Also that we are getting closer together to our ARS family.




  1. Lauren Gredicek · · Reply

    I liked how you talked about how this project affects your future.

  2. This is a really great post that exactly sums up what us 7th graders have been doing!

  3. I really liked how you offered up your opinions on this project. Good Job 🙂

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