Monthly Archives: February 2014

How are we going to make this? What if it brakes?- Jessica Swofford- Jedi Design Team

Hello Project Ventura followers! Welcome back to the Jedi Design teams blog! This is Swofford here with lots of new stuff! We have been working very hard on our Google Sketch-up. I have been having trouble with deciding which type of wood to use. I think the best type will be a pine wood and […]

By Golly, I think I got it!!!- Vedastein Custom Design Company, Maya Nunez

Hello and welcome back viewers. Hopefully everything has been going well since and now you are ready to jump on board for more Project Ventura fun. First off, I want to thank everyone who has been viewing our blogs on the behalf of our entire engineering class. It’s so great to have so many people […]

The Round (Couch) Up! –Gus Dexheimer, Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabs

Hello AdVenturers! Savor this post, because we’re taken a week off after this o build some furniture! Or such is the rumor. Anyway, we are almost done with Milestone 2, meaning we’re “wrapping up” the sketch up modeling (a.k.a. starting to feel nervous about how much sketch up we have left to do before the […]

The Art of Imagination – Faith Vanderburg, Dream Designers

When life gives you a floor plan and a box of tools, make your craft original.             At first I thought that the final floor plan would be our only focus; dishing out everything exactly the way it looks, with the same everything. I’m glad that each group has a chance to make the design […]

I Want a Green Ventura Nailing-Action, Two Hundred Amp Range Model Air Gun With a Pressure Meter in the Stock and This Thing Which Tells Force… But Everybody Says I’ll Shoot My Eye Out – Maya Messinger, MAAT Design Firm

So after reviewing safety lessons in Engineering and getting a little scare when the 7th graders were using the jigsaw, I’ve decided to devote this blog post to tools and safety. We’ve recently learned about pilot holes and pocket holes, simple but smart ways of attaching two pieces of wood together. Pilot holes are literally […]

Changes, Changes – Laura Morales, LuLa design team

Hello my readers, I’m back. Its being a long time since I’ve been here. A lot of things have change since the beginning. Now we’re almost done with the Air stream. Right now we’re working with Google sketch-up to design the furniture of the air stream. A few changes have been made from the winning […]

How does your Garden VENTURA grow?

Hello we are the Avengers (Vanessa, Hope, Zoë and Aleeya). We are helping the 10th graders with the trailer, through our project called, Garden VENTURA. Our job in this project is to design the exterior of the trailer, while the 10th graders designed the interior. Some of the designing that we enjoyed and were interested […]