On our way to build. – Itzel Ruiz Jedi Design Team

Hello again, in class we have been looking at how to build furniture for our trailer now that we have a final floor plan. We have looked at plans with measurements for furniture and have talked about how to approach building them. We have learned about the different types of woods, and how they should be positioned in order for the wood to be able to hold up weight and be the strongest and most durable it can be. We have also discussed the types of woods to be used; we should use pretty wood for the exterior and the less finished wood for structure.

Most of us are really excited to finally get to work on building the inside of the Airstream, but first we must plan out how to build the furniture for the inside. With our design Teams we are designing our own pieces of furniture, but must still follow the original floor plan of the winning team. In our groups we are splitting up the work by assigning ourselves individual furniture pieces so that we can finish faster. After we have each designed our very unique pieces of furniture we will pick the ones that are most suitable to the trailer. Each group must design a book shelve, a couch and dinette, chairs, tables and find stools. In order to design the furniture for the Airstream we must first come up with measurements that will be able to fit the Airstream. We are using Google sketch up to plan out how we will make all the furniture.

So far in class we have been on Google sketch up figuring out how we will want to make the furniture look before we present it to the class to vote. We have gotten Pam from ACC to come and help us learn how to use Google sketch-up and make it easier for us to navigate it.  We also talked about different techniques to make the trailer ergonomic and space efficient. We went outside to look at the trailer from last year and see how it was put together. I’m excited to be one step closer to getting to work on the actual trailer. I can’t wait to start using power stools and learning other strategies for building. I have also helped with the trailer from last year and I practiced some skills that I will be able to use when we work in the Airstream like sanding, and working on drilling and putting on the Trim. I can’t wait to finally be able to get to building our goal is to start after Spring Break so we can have the trailer done by the end of the year. I look forward to finally seeing the end product. Until then we will keep you updated.



Table that folds down by a hinge

CAM00542[1] 20140130_112400


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