Google Sketch Up has me like….. Lucy Saucedo, LuLa Custom Design


Hello fellow streamers, this is Milestone number 2 as I mention on my previous blog. Let me tell you more about this “Milestone 2”. Im pretty sure you’re wondering what in the world is a milestone, and what is the purpose of this. Let me tell you all about in detail.  A such thing called a Milestone is something our wonderful teacher Mrs. Jo created so we could be able to break down our project into I believe 3 mile stones. Each milestone we have required things we have to make. For example the first milestone we created a floor plan using actual 3D models. Which you pretty much know from the last blog that I blogged. The purpose of each milestone is to break down our big project into small project to finally meet our requirements. Milestone number 2’s task is to create a binder that will give you a detailed plan on how to build the inside of the airstream, we will have measurements and the furniture we will have to create in Google Sketchup.


Official Floor Plan (1)

Know lets talk about this google sketchup. Me and my partner Laura will have to make 8 furniture appliances in google sketchup. Google Sketchup has its up and downs, sometimes it can be frustrating and other times it is pretty easy to use to bare with. To me well I have a different feel to it. I believe that google sketch up is actually pretty challenging but I like the idea of challenging myself and my team mate. This is something me and Laura will have to overcome.

This is the current Google sketch up that we are using.

Recently we went out to  view last years table and to get some ideas to start sketching our own furniture. The temperature was pretty cold but it was worth it because the way Mrs. Jo built last years was pretty amazing. Totally rebuilding an airstream from scratch makes me really proud of what we can do. Something else i really liked about the airstream is that Mrs.Jo made the tables movable to make more space wish she told us was a great idea to take while creating our own furniture. Maybe me and Laura will be half way done by the next time I blog. Until next time my funky streamers.


This is a table of the old air stream what was created by Mrs.Jo so it will be able to move.



  1. Angelica Garcia · · Reply

    I like how when y’all write it sounds like your talking straight to the reader instead of making it like an essay. It makes people keep on reading.

  2. Bonnie J. · · Reply

    Great blog! I really liked how you described what a “milestone” is. It helps people understand what you’re talking about. I also liked how you talked about using Google Sketch Up and included your opinions about using it. Another thing that made your blog great was describing how you went to see the previous airstream trailer to get ideas.

  3. Victoria Baltierra · · Reply

    Awesome blog! I loved how you guys described your feelings about Google sketch up and talked about your opinions. I think it was smart of you to record your strengths in this project and your weaknesses.

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