Carbon is our friend!

Right now in Science we are working on designing a garden for the 10th graders. They designed this trailer, and we have to make a garden for it. To do the project, we had to learn about the carbon cycle. Did you know carbon is an element found in all living things? It’s in you and me, your pets and plants — well, you get the point. Carbon is pretty important. Just like water, carbon goes through a cycle around the earth. Carbon is freely cycled through living things non-stop, always on the go. You can find carbon in a lot of different places. One of those places is the atmosphere! When carbon is in the atmosphere, it is carbon dioxide. While in the atmosphere, carbon helps regulate temperatures. Like I said, carbon is found in plants. The plants soak in the carbon dioxide to make photosynthesis. You know that humans make their own food, but did you know that plants do too? That process is photosynthesis! When the plants take in carbon dioxide, we get something in return. Oxygen! After the plant, carbon can go to two places. An animal can eat the plant, or the plant can die and become bacteria and fungi. When organisms decompose, carbon is released into the soil. From there, it can become fossil fuels and released back into the atmosphere.

This picture shows how carbon cycles throughout the earth.

This picture shows how carbon cycles throughout the earth.

Now, you may be wondering, why is all this stuff important? I know I did. I didn’t think it was anything special. I thought, who cares? We should all care! The Carbon Cycle is really important because it is everywhere. The carbon cycle does many things to help living things. It moderates temperature and helps us breathe! Without carbon dioxide, how could plants make photosynthesis? Without photosynthesis, how could plants make oxygen? Without oxygen, how could we breathe? Maybe now you realize how important it is.

How does this play a role in our project? The role it plays in the project is, it helps the plants with photosynthesis which is energy. We are making a garden full of plants. When I went to the composting workshop, they explained to us how to start a compost pile and what to put in it. It’s important because you can get rich soil for your garden.

These are the vegetables we got to plant in science.

These are the vegetables we got to plant in science.

In class, we got to plant our own vegetables. I planted a space cucumber and can’t wait for it to grow! Hopefully I’ll be able to eat it soon! These plants can help us with the project because they show the basic needs of the plants. It shows how the plants need sunlight and water. This ties in with the carbon cycle because plants soak in the carbon dioxide from the sun to make oxygen during photosynthesis.

We use plants around us so we can be able to live. If we cut all of the trees and plants to make paper, we would probably die sooner because there wouldn’t be enough oxygen. That’s why we need the carbon cycle and the plants and trees that surround us.



  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post! I like the way that it is formatted. It gives great information about how our project relates to carbon in our environment and through photosynthesis. I like the way you incorporate examples and diagrams into your post! I think that this post helps support much of our Garden Ventura project. (I hope we get to eat our vegetables soon as well!)

  2. Catalina Gonzalez · · Reply

    I really like how you give an explanation of the things we are doing in class and how you describe that carbon is very important for life on Earth.

  3. Jennifer Del Aguila · · Reply

    I like how they show the carbon cycle and what it is a part in our world but interesting in how they explain.

  4. Savannah C. · · Reply

    I really like your post. I think that it is really call how you used things that we are doing in class to relate to you post. Such as the plants that we are planting in class. I think it is really cool how you also attached a video to your post.

  5. Bella Roberts · · Reply

    I really like the ideas that you are communicating throughout your blog post. It is important for us to remember the science behind the Garden Ventura project. I like the way that your post is formatted through words, pictures, captions, and specific ideas. I think that it is good you are incorporating this post as part of the project. Your diagram of the carbon cycle is really informative. Vegetable Wise- (I hope we get to eat them soon as well!)

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