Don’t let up on Sketchup- Sierra Melomo, Vedastein Custom Designs

Modeling once more!  (

Modeling once more! (

Hello There! This is Sierra again, and here to tell you all about what has been happening this past week! Maya and I have started up on the google sketchup. The google sketchup is a bit challenging. We are both playing around with the program trying to get familiar. It is fun to play around with, but once there is something you actually have to build, it gets a little difficult, but we are both learning very quickly!

There are seven separate pieces of furniture in the trailer design floorplan. We originally divide up the work. Maya had the dinette, chair, and bookshelf, and I had the long table, couch, stool, and mini table. Ms. Jo told us last class though that if there is one thing we are going to buy from a store it will be a stool. It would be a stool because they are very hard to make. I know… a stool? It is such a simple structure. That’s what I thought too, but then Ms. Jo explained to us that we would have to find the center of balance with the stool, and having it stand properly. Imagine a simple wood stool where the legs are tilted out. We would have to find the exact measurements of the tilts or else the stool won’t work. So now maya and I have an even number of things to build on google sketchup, and we are both going to look up stools, and find one we like.

So far I have been thinking about a having metal stools. There are some interesting structured stools out there, and maya and I plan to look at them all! Also I think it would be cool to have a few colorful stools. We still haven’t talked about theOfficial Floor Plan (1) theme or the design we would like to have in the trailer, but yes, I think a little pop of color from the stools would look really cool!

So for the next few class periods, and outside of class we will be creating our furniture in google sketchup. But the plan is not to spend too long of a time here, because the plan is to start building the trailer by spring break! That is in march! Only giving us a month to finish google sketchup and designs for everything. While this makes me nervous, because there is lots to do, I am also super excited because building will be fun. Also once we start building the trailer I think this means we are done with all google sketchup! But until then Maya and I will be on our computers working away! Thanks for reading, and see you again!



  1. Wow, it sounds fun to create the trailer on google sketchup, and at first I thought that it sounded pretty easy. Then when we experimented with sketchup in class, I found that it didn’t really come naturally to me. I can’t believe a stool is so hard to make, but then again, I’ve never made a stool. Good luck!– Isabella Vergara

  2. Great update! I loved how you shared your experience on google sketchup with us, very intresting! I found it quite intresting that a stool is so difficult to make, that wold have been my last guess. Sounds like y’all got a hang of google sketchup, haha, well good luck!

  3. Thanks to this blogpost, I think I have more confident to try out google sketch, if I dare to:) I don’t know if should stick to the old fashion, pencil and paper. But, I give it shot. I’m kind scare though because it’s hard to make a stool, but how could I make a whole garden? Oh My God, going to be crazy. Wish me luck, and good luck on YOUR project 😉 -Truc Ly

  4. Astrid J. · · Reply

    I used sketch-up on our project for the garden and I feel your pain! I thought it was going to be really easy, but I guessed wrong. But while reading this I gained more confidence to finish it up! I hope things get easier for you.

    P.S. Who knew building a stool was so hard?!

  5. Avery R. :) · · Reply

    I love how your post reads like a story. It’s very interesting and personal- and since I (tried) to use Google Sketchup for my project, I can definitely relate. Great job!

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