Help Us Protect Our Ozone Layer! Together We Can Make A Change!


  By: Yoselin Resendiz, Crystal Romero, Jacinda Patina, and Lendy Cano



Hello there,


        Ok, so  you might be wondering what the Ozone Layer is. Well, the Ozone Layer is a deep layer in the stratosphere, surrounding the Earth. The ozone layer shields the Earth from the harmful radiation rays that come from the sun.The ozone layer is made of three oxygen molecules, which are usually produced by the sun.


The ozone layer layer is important because it protects us from harmful UV rays that can cause certain health concerns like skin cancer. When the Ozone Layer can help us out the most is during summer which is also, one of the most funnest times of the year. During summer we are most exposed to the sun a lot more, so we should put sunscreen to protect us.


I personally believe that we should be grateful for the Ozone layer, because without it we would look like over cooked bacon. This statement is basically letting you know that the Ozone helps our skin, and health.  Also, the Ozone is very helpful because it protects us from all the harmful rays.


The Ozone Layer has reduced the amount of holes it has gotten because, we have gotten rid of all  the materials that had CFC’S included. The ought the years the Ozone has gotten “healthier” in other words it has had great improvement. It has been inferences that in the year 2050 the Ozone will probably be a lot closer to it’s normal size.


This image above is representing that throughout the years the amount of holes the Ozone has received has been reduced.  You should be thankful!

You are invited to celebrate International Ozone Layer Day with us, on September 16. How Cool is that!


Thank- You For Your Time!




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