Pam Powell, Our Savior and Best Friend—Gus Dexheimer, Fo’sheimer and Filles Fabs

Hello Venturers! This is Gus of Fo’shiemer and Filles Fabs and I am back and readier than ever to attack the Whale! But in a good, non-hostile way! I am really looking forward to starting the building process, which we will be doing in two or three weeks! To give you an update, right now we’re working on drafting all the furniture that we need to build for the Whale, which is actually not too overwhelming. Erf and I have split up the tasks and the hardest thing I am trying to draft is the round couch at the back of the Airstream. We have some experience with drafting programs, like AutoCad, but all of the fun business we built on that was centered purely on aesthetics, whereas this is definitely about function. For example, Erf was working on the bookshelf, but she didn’t take into account the depth of the plywood that we’d be using. Rather she just started extrudin’ all over the place like a crazy person. But then when it came time to do cut lists, it became clear that she would need to start again because there’s no way to go back and change the dimensions and thicknesses. So that was sad, sad times in her life. And mine.

Nonetheless, this hands on type work is what I looked forward to the most about Ventura, and it’s finally here! There are some things that I feel a little bit nervous about, however. We have been working on the furniture plans, which aren’t going to be too awful or upsetting or cry worthy or anything like that. But then I remember subtle little things such as the fact that the floor of the Whale is all rotten on one side. And it shocks me every time I remember that we are building this thing from the shell up! I mean, hinged tables and saws? That sounds fun! But then I think about the electrical portion, which had sort of faded into the landscape of my brain. And then I feel a little apprehensive.

This apprehensive feeling was just setting in briefly on class the other day when Pam Powell of ACC came back to us! She is quite definitely going to be very useful and amazing throughout this project! She teaches carpentry and construction and is wonderful and knows everything. Also, she and Mrs. Jo are all on board for staying late after school and on weekends to help us.  They were talking about having a rotating schedule where we each come one or two Saturdays to work. And we’re probably going to get to go on a filed trip to Pam Powell’s studio/teaching space at ACC.


ANYWAY. Enough of all that! I had an idea recently! There is a food station at the back end of the winning design that’s going to have the microwave and probably some utensils, the works, etc. I am doing this piece on Google Sketchup. And it occurred to me that it should be tiled! I know this is a pretty subtle little thing, but it brings back the Moroccan thing (fingers crossed!) and makes the design that much more intricate and amazing! In addition, my neighbor has a tile company so we have everything we need to do a mosaic put of old, scrap tile. Which is very green, I might add. I also realize that this is kind of detail oriented for all we have left to do, but I got really inspired, so here it is! The pictures below are of some lovely mosaics.


A park in Barcelona made of mostly tile: Park Guell




  1. Almina Orbach · · Reply

    Your ideas for the airstream are really cool and good. I still can’t believe your guys are remodeling the airstream from the ground up! I can’t wait to see your ideas come to life!

  2. I love your blog post! I myself am excited to see the final product of the trailer. I am having a lot of fun designing and composing a garden design to co-exist with the trailer. I love you idea of tiling parts of the trailer. I think that it will incorporate a great feel to the space. I can relate to the problems that you are encountering. (well maybe not on the exact same scale) I also really like the format of your blog post! I hope that you aspire good fortune with your creativity,and that you have good luck with your building.

    1. (Sorry for the typo! I meant to say your.)

  3. Andrea Santos · · Reply

    I loved your suggestion about the design on the food station in the air-stream. I think using tile is a great idea that will look very lovely and that teachers would enjoy. I also Liked your introduction and how you talked about your couple past experiences.

  4. Andrea Santos · · Reply

    I also Loved your inspiring Images of the mosaics. Lastly, I liked how you talked/gave your opinion and feelings about working on the air-stream. Over all your blog post was excellent.

  5. Bella Roberts · · Reply

    I love your blog post. I am just as excited to see the final product of the trailer! As we continue to work on designing the garden, it is helpful to have your information. We are having a fair amount of our own struggles as well. (Maybe not as complex) I love the ideas that you have and I hope that your creativity comes to life. I think that incorporating tiles on parts of the trailer will add a warm and comforting feel to it. I also really like the examples you show of it through pictures. I hope that you have aspire many successes regarding your project.

  6. Love your ideas and your blog post! The tile would definitely be a great addition to the Whale. Good luck with your project!

  7. I loved your blog post, I also understand how you could be a bit nervous about the whole thing, it’s a very different and cool project! I also agree with you that the hands on stuff I would be most excited about as well!

  8. Nicole Ramirez · · Reply

    I really like all the ideas and can’t wait to see how it all turns out. And I think that the mosaic idea would really add color and little detail to the trailer which could add on to the look and feel that you are going for.

  9. Emily Garza · · Reply

    I like your suggestions and ideas. I also like how you put up pictures of mosaics for inspiration. Best of luck to you 🙂

  10. I absolutely love the colourful mosaic idea! It will be so gorgeous and cheerful and I love how you included pictures to show us what you want.

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