With Great Airstream Power Comes Great Responsibility -Julie Tapia, Dream Designers

See the angle? uncrate.com

See the angle?

Now that the floor plan is set, we made a list of the furniture we are going to be building ourselves. The two long tables, the round couch, the dinette, two mini tables, chairs, bookshelf, and the food counter will be built by us. The only pieces of furniture we will be buying are the stools. “But it’s just a stool…” you might be thinking. I also thought stools were easy to make, but it turns out there is a certain angle in which the stool needs to be built and it would take too long. We have a deadline so we are trying to plan everything to be done as fast as possible. The most difficult piece of furniture that we will build is the round couch, but it’s doable. Our first task for milestone #2 is to make the furniture on Google Sketch Up. My group, Dream Designers, has divided the furniture among the three of us. I am in charge of the round couch, dinette, and the food counter. I have completed my dinette design on Google Sketch Up. Once I complete all three pieces of furniture, I can look up the materials they will be made of. I have to be specific with the materials, how much will they cost? What are their dimensions? How will they be fastened together? What nails/screws will we use? Etc.

Chalk Box/Line blog.ufpi.com

Chalk Box/Line

Mrs. Pam Powell has been a huge help and she continues to donate her time to aid us in milestone #2. With her help, I now have an idea of how I should design the round couch. She has also taught us how to go in the Airstream and “pop” lines. This is done with a chalk box; it has string and chalk dust inside. The string is pulled out to create a chalk line. Making lines with this tool is not permanent so we can make as many guidelines on the Airstream as we want. During Mrs. Powell’s visit, we made guidelines for the placement of the round couch. There is a possibility that the engineering students will get to visit Mrs. Powell’s workshop, where she will teach us how to use tools and maybe start building the furniture.



Google Sketchup  (compucated.be)

Google Sketchup

Thus far, I am not enjoying the program Google Sketch Up. I think it’s because I have grown to love the program Inventor and it annoys me when I can’t do something on Google Sketch Up that I could have easily done on Inventor. It took me an hour to make the dinette table on google sketch up. At this rate, I will probably finish the round couch in 5 hours. In my previous blog, I had predicted that our next milestone would be the aesthetics. However, I was dead wrong. The aesthetics are the very last thing we are doing. I know many of us were pretty disappointed about that. I’m just excited about using tools and building stuff.



  1. Sounds really cool! I bet everyone is having fun contributing into this project. I love the way you all divide the work up so everything gets done faster.

  2. I love this blog post! I can really tell you and your group have well thought out the plan and design for what you’ll be doing. I love how you wrote about the stool, I learned something new! I also like how you are building practically all of the furniture yourself, to stay in your budget and time frame. I agree with Aileen, when she said, “I love the way you all divide the woek up so everything gets done faster.” Anyway, good luck on making the round couch! I bet it will turn out great! (on google sketchup and in person)

  3. Your plan sounds really awesome. It sounds hard but is seems to be fun. I bet dividing up the furniture just made this a whole lot easier than just one person having to do everything.

  4. Rebecca Brackin · · Reply

    I love the floor plan idea. I think it is cool how you’re building the furniture, instead of buying it. Good Luck! (-:

  5. I like how you divided the work and are very organized about the project! I also like how you included your honest opinion on Google Sketch Up, and your project sounds really interesting.

  6. I like how you share all your ideas and new ideas that you have. I also agree with Aileen, I like how your group divides the work to make it easier and fair. I’m pretty sure you all have to use a lot of teamwork. 🙂

  7. Sierra Green · · Reply

    I really liked how you told your feelings! You were truthful. Sometimes people just say they like something because they think they have to, but you didn’t. You said what you didn’t like about Google Sketch-up which I think is kind of a brave thing to say. Overall, great blog post!

  8. Victoria Baltierra · · Reply

    I love how you guys are so specific and cautious about measurements. Furniture is a very big part of making the teachers feel comfortable and at home in the RV. I also love how you told your honest opinion on Google sketch up. This plan sounds really creative and smart! Great job!

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