It actually snowed!

It actually snowed!

The weather in Austin has been insane lately. We’ve already had 3 snow days this winter and 2 late starts due to the weather. For all of the 15 years I’ve lived in Austin, we have had a total of maybe 4 snow days until this winter. Anyway, classes were cancelled on Friday so that meant no engineering (boo). I’m not sure if you remember Pam Powell but she’s come to help us with building the furniture. I know that our class would be capable of making furniture but the whole process will run a lot smoother and faster with her help. We’re still working on milestone 2 and there haven’t been any major challenges so far. I was a little rusty with Google Sketchup but now I’m starting to remember all of the features. Although the deadline for milestone 2 is at the end of February, we’re hoping to finish sooner so we will have more time to work on the actual construction part. Also, everyone’s favorite part is coming soon…the interior designing and decorating. Hopefully we won’t run out of time since there is also the electrical part to finish. This will definitely be a busy three months.

I know that Ms. JO and Pam already have an idea of what type of wood we are going to use for the flooring and furniture but I’m going to do some research on the different types of wood in general on the website hoovedesigns.com.

For starters, there are two classifications of wood: hardwood and softwood. This is determined on whether the wood comes from a leaf bearing tree (hardwood) or a cone bearing tree (softwood). There are also two basic wood grades which are based on the number of blemishes/flaws on the wood. The grades of select lumber (in order of least blemishes to most) are B and grade, C Select grade, and D Select grade. For common lumber the grades (in order of least blemishes to most) are No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, and No. 5. I would assume that the less flawed, the more expensive the wood is. We are on a budget but we do not want to give the faculty low quality wood. I’m guessing that we may buy the second best kind of wood.

Now starting off with hardwoods. The most commonly used hardwood is oak for things such as American and English country designs. There are more than 60 different types of oak grown in the U.S. and can be separated into red and white varieties. Mahogany (Hunger Games fans know this is a nice wood) is another type of hardwood. It is a great carving wood and is used in a large variety of styles. Other types of hardwood include cherry, maple, walnut, rosewood, and teak.

Pine, an example of a softwood, grows mostly in the Northern Hemisphere and a white/pale yellow lightweight wood. Another softwood is birch of which there are many different species. Yellow birch is the most important commercially and European birch is rare and expensive. Ash, hickory, beech, cedar, redwood, hemlock, fir, and spruce are all different types of softwood, too.

Cabinets made from European birch wood (fancy). http://173-254-13-234.bluehost.com/images/bryn_mawr_comp1_new.jpg

Cabinets made from European birch wood (fancy). http://173-254-13-234.bluehost.com/images/bryn_mawr_comp1_new.jpg




  1. Zoe Taulli · · Reply

    That was really interesting. I never knew that there was that much to wood. The part about the 60 different kinds of Oak was cool because Oak is my personal favorite type of wood. I learned so much from this post and thought that the part about hard wood and soft wood was interesting.

  2. Isabel Solismilam · · Reply

    I thought that it was interesting that wood was a key element of engineering! When I think of construction, yes. But it never really came to mind before reading this article!

  3. I loved how you gave enough information for all kinds of woods. This gets the reader to know what is best for a school budget and what type of wood you think is best. You had a connection to the audience. It didn’t sound like you were listing facts. It was almost like you were telling a story about wood. I also enjoyed that you connected the wood from what you have been learning in the classroom. I want to know what type of wood you should use. Opinion?

  4. Ariela Velazquez · · Reply

    Hahahah i loved the way you put wood in ur titile,it makes the story seem intersting and fun.i also like the way you tell us what you are doing and why younare doing it

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