It all makes sense now! Abby Dougherty, MAAT Design Firm

Hello once again Ventura followers! This is Abby Dougherty from MAAT Design firm back again to talk all about what has been going on in our class in the last two weeks. Since I have last talked to y’all, there have been an abundance of “snow/ice” days at school, which have unfortunately largely affected our amount of Engineering class time. Because of this, our classes have been really stretched out, making it a bit hard to get any amount of work done.

One thing we have been able to do is meet with Pam Powell and talk about how we are going to go about building the furniture for the Airstream. Up until last class, the entire thing was just over whelming. No body really knew what was going on, nor did any of us actually understand how we were going to successfully build all of this furniture. I think our whole class dived into everything head first, and then realized that there were a lot more things that needed to be accounted for before diving in. Pam Powell gave a presentation to our class that helped to clarify a lot of the requirements for this project.

Pam talked to us about Google sketch up and how to use it.

Pam talked to us about Google sketch up and how to use it.

She told us how exactly we are going to want to go about reconstructing the Airstream, as well as what type of furniture would be the most efficient. Luckily, all of our furniture was reasonably, making this assignment the slightest bit easier. One of the pieces of furniture that was really stressing everybody out was the couch along the front end of the trailer. This couch curves with the Airstream, making the pieces required to build this very difficult. Luckily, with Pam Powell’s help, we were able to come up with an easy solution: Build a simple frame, and install a board on top that accurately follows the curve of the trailer. Because of her help, she made a seemingly complicated job somewhat easier.

An example of the frame we will make for the couch.

An example of the frame we will make for the couch.

Also with Pam Powell, a group of girls went out to the trailer in order to find measurements for the frame for the couch. Unlike our usual measuring tape and ruler, she taught us how to use a chalk line. A chalk line is a little contraption that has a spindle of string wound up in an area full of chalk. In order to use the line, you hold it down and pull out the string, coating it in chalk. Next, you carefully and tightly put it on the ground at the spot where you want a straight line. After the line is on the ground tightly, someone pulls straight up on the middle and lets go; resulting in a sharp and straight line that helps to make easy measurements.

What the chalk line Pam showed us looks like.

What the chalk line Pam showed us looks like.

With Pam Powell’s help, we were able to finally get a better understanding of what we actually need to do to complete Milestone 2 (in other words, she explained to us the process and requirements of all of the individual pieces for Milestone 2). Thanks to her, the Airstream renovation could actually be successful!



  1. Nishi Patel · · Reply

    I really love the way you make your blog so fun and interesting to read! I think the ideas and thoughts that you stated in the blog were very organized! I really like the word play that you used! I think that this project is going to be so cool! I may not have a full inside on this project, but from what I just read and from other things I’ve heard this is going to be an amazing project!

  2. I love your blog! The way you give a real sense of the project! And you really explain the project, I can’t wait to see the finished project!

  3. Regina S. · · Reply

    I like how you have pictures that kind of sum up the paragraph before. It makes it a little bit easier to process.

  4. Dhivya B. · · Reply

    I think that this post was very well written, even though it seemed familiar and easygoing. It was casual and had a way of hooking me. It even had graphics that helped a lot with my understanding of the project and the things that were described in this post. Overall, it was a masterpiece! Great job!

  5. Gisel perez · · Reply

    I think that you have very good ideas for what you are going to do and you ideas are really organized so I’d say that the project will probably turn out really good. I like how you mostly already have everything planed out and you already know what your going to do. So this way you already know what you need, what you have, and everything.

  6. I like the way you were so descriptive with your blog. You made your blog very well understand and hope you have an amazing time with your Garden Ventura Project.

  7. I think it’s absolutely wonderful that you’ve been able to get help on your project and begin to make way to renovate your trailer. I love how enthusiastic you are about this project and how you include images to give us a more complete picture. I am very excited that you have begun to figure out how you will build the contents of your trailer and it’s great to know that you guys are on your way to having a complete trailer. Overall I’m super excited for all of you. I can’t wait to see the final product.

  8. Wow! The couch looks great so far. I was aware that the design process took a lot, but I didn’t realize that there were so many steps in it, and so many things to look out for. I’ve never heard of a chalk line, but I think it seems like it makes things a lot easier than measuring things with just a tape measure. I think the information that Pam Powell gave you guys will be useful when you graduate as engineers from college!

  9. Alex Coxe · · Reply

    Your designing is coming really well! I think designing and trying to get all the correct measurements will be the hardest thing is the this step. The information Pam Powell gave to you guys I hope was very useful (seems like it was since y’all benifited from it) and helped y’all out. The chalk line strategy is a very good way to get good and precise measurement s. I known that by the end of the project you would’ve learned a lot.

  10. Astrid J. · · Reply

    Wow! I’m so glad I read this because I want to be in the Engineering pathway and this really helps me get an insight of what’s going on. It was very informative and I’m positive that this project will be a success.

    P.S. The chalk idea sounds really good!

  11. Ariela velazquez · · Reply

    I like the way you seem really com but you know you have to get the work done.I also like the way you put in pictures that goes really to the blog , and it helps us understand a little bit better about what you are doing

  12. I really like the way you add pictures and are so truthful with your statements.

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