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Hello and welcome back! You can call us Bob the builders in training because we haven’t quite yet started on that part, but we are leading up to it. We are still on Milestone 2 and on Google sketch-up. Today in class we learned about battery banks. We are using deep cycle batteries, because they last longer and is a slower batteries than others. This battery has a stable current drain, not much damaged  if discharged because it has a thick plate. It’s also good for bad weather. The solar doesn’t recharge unless completely drained. Then we learned about Amp hour rating, which is also known as AH. It’s rated by the manufacture on how much the battery can supply over given time. For example, 10Ah= 10amp load for 1hour or 1amp load for 10 hours. The common voltage usage is 12v, 24v,48v. We will be using 12 volts. For series, the voltage is added and current is the lowest one of them all. For parallel, current is added and the voltage is the lowest one. We have to remember to increase your wire rating to handle the higher current.

Round Table

Round Table

So in the process of it all, I have been making a round table. As you know, building on google sketch is something that I like and something that does come easy for me. I made this quickly, it has a 24 diameter for the top and 12 diameter at the bottom. In inches of course, and it is 29.5 inches tall. I messed up at first because I just did it in a regular template. Then in the middle of me finding wood, I had to change it to a wood template because we are using wood! Duh. But, making this wasn’t much a problem, but I am struggling with finding what kind of wood to use. I mean, I know we’re using plywood because it’s cheap and long lasting but, there is so many kinds of wood. I got overwhelmed the first time I tried to find the right kind. Then the second time I didn’t have enough time. But, third time is the charm right? I will have to ask for help this time because I got too frustrated with it. I’m actually super excited to start building already. I can’t want till warm weather come again so we won’t have to miss so many A days and not have time to work on our project! It really isn’t fair but we have to start making quicker progress. We may even more the milestone deadline, but that shouldn’t make us procrastinate and not finish early. I don’t want to stress like last time.

Pam Powell from ACC

Pam Powell from ACC

The women in the middle is Pam Powell, and she works at ACC. She is who we would call our master of Google SketchUp. Just wanted to say I am very grateful for her because she has helped us more than ever. She has been guiding us every step of the way. Literally, when we first started practicing Google SketchUp, we had an activity to make a house with stairs and I had no clue as to how to do it. The directions weren’t clear enough and she helped, and taught me many shortcuts. Like, the spacebar is a shortcut to select and P is a shortcut to the push/pull tool. This are useful tools to help move things a lot faster and it really does help and save time. That is why it’s called a shortcut, but I most likely wouldn’t have learned this without Pam. So thank you Pam.



  1. Sierra Green · · Reply

    I really like this blog post! I like the little bit of humor in it! Great job!

  2. Raymya Hardeman · · Reply

    I loved how you describe parts of your design that can sustain in different types of weather.

  3. Isabel Solismilam · · Reply

    I love how they include humor to capture the reader’s attention. Also, The pictures help to visualize what they are talking about.

  4. Zoe Renteria · · Reply

    I really did enjoy this blog post because you explained everything to great detail and added picture to make it more clear. Great job.

  5. Monserrat guillen · · Reply

    I really like how you added details to your blog and the pictures helped me see the things that you were talking about.

  6. I really like this post. It is really well worded and it seems really is thought through.

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