Mrs. Mokry: “Our Savior in Disguise”

By: Bonnie Jackson, Khammila Shimray, Sierra Green and Clarisa Belman

How does energy move through an ecosystem?

      Well, we’re here to tell you how. In science class, we’ve been learning about different cycles that occur through our everyday lives. Such as, the nitrogen cycle, carbon cycle, photosynthesis cycle and water cycle.

       So why is this important? Well, all cycles are essential to our life on Earth. All of these systems and cycles work together to maintain sustainability. Energy is everywhere and is constantly traveling. Our only source og gaining energy is from plants. Unfortunately, there are also plant predators in our ecosystems, Mrs. Mokry, a Master Gardener warned us about them. Mrs. Mokry described her frustration with pests that ate her beautiful tomato plants. Such as, rabbits, mice, fungi, bacteria, viruses and insects. She also explained how important it is to have have good bugs that will help protect our plants. “The good guys are butterflies, ladybugs, lacewings, spiders, and ground beetles.” Of course, many of us were frightened of the thought of having to pick off insects, so we were very grateful to have this option. We were also very excited to have bugs because, we would be able to create an ecosystem. Hopefully, with our little “helpers” we will be able to produce healthy vegetables for the teachers to enjoy.




  1. Regina S. · · Reply

    I love how you connected a lot of stuff that we learned in science and explained why all of them are important. 🙂

  2. Great blog! I love how you express your opinions, and still have lots of scientific facts!

  3. Prisila Samaniego · · Reply

    This is so true. Energy is everywhere, and it does help our life on Earth.

  4. Rebecca Brackin · · Reply

    Great Job! I got lot’s of great information out of this, but it wasn’t so long and complicated that I might get a little distracted. 🙂 You really explained the cycle well.

  5. Alexis Miller · · Reply

    I really like how you incorporated the workshop in your post. Great job!

  6. Isabella Vergara · · Reply

    You have a great use of that quote embedded in your blog. I like how you incorporate not only what ms. Mokry said, and what you learned from it, but also the things we learned in class that really pertains to the organisms in the garden. This is really helpful because I don’t want any “bad bugs” eating the plants in the garden!
    –Izzy Vergara

  7. Savannah C. · · Reply

    I liked that you shared what bugs where good for our gardens. So that we will not try removing them thing we would be doing good but, actually doing opposite. This imformation could help many people. Great Blog!

  8. I really like your post. You did a really good job writing it. It seems that you really took time to do it.

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