Not Even the Weather Can Stop Us – Gaby Ponce, Dream Designers

Hey there everyone, it’s me again here to talk to you guys about what’s going on with this years Engineering project.

So, it’s been pretty weird these past few weeks with all this weather mumbo jumbo going on. Today is the first day we’ve been to engineering class since the 5th of February (that’s a whole 6 days). I’m glad that we could finally get back to work today because we have a lot to get done. Today during class we took some notes on battery banks. It was kind of a refresher from 9th grade physics mixed in with some things we learned last semester during engineering.

Picture of the bed frame that resembles what our couch frame will look like.

Picture of the bed frame that resembles what our couch frame will look like.

During last class we had a visit from Pam Powell from ACC who gave us a little introduction to Google SketchUp and gave us some tips on how to create the lounge area in the front of the Airstream. This was extremely helpful because I know for my group (at least) the couch seems like it will be the most difficult piece of furniture to create. Pam showed us a web page of a woman that is going through sort of the same process we’re going through except she’s trying to build a bed in the space we’re building a couch. The web page showed us pictures of how to go about making the base for the couch. I feel like Pam being there really gave us all some faith that we can actually design and build these furniture pieces. We actually had a mini pep rally during class to get us motivated for milestone 2. Another thing that got me motivated for milestone 2 was seeing last years project that Mrs. Jo has been finishing up.

Project Ventura from last year.

Project Ventura from last year.

Pam also quickly demonstrated for our class how to use a chalk line. This chalk line is basically a string that is covered in chalk. You roll the string out of this container and then hold down the string on both ends and have someone else raise the middle of the string up and release it so that it smacks down on the surface. This will leave a straight mark of chalk on the surface that helps with measurements. A chalk line is a bit more practical than rulers, or tape measurers for when you’re marking long straight lines on flat surfaces. I thought this was cool because I’d never heard of a chalk line and it seems like it will be helpful for this project.

Dream Designers- working hard or hardly working?

Dream Designers- working hard or hardly working?

After Pam finished with her lesson, we could either choose to go outside to help make measurements for the couch frame using chalk line or we could stay inside to start on designing the couch on Google SketchUp using the tips Pam gave us. Obviously I wasn’t about to go out in the cold, so I stayed inside to help my partner, Faith, start the lounge area. It’s coming along, but we still have a lot to do. The only furniture piece I’ve completed is the work-station tables, and I believe my other partner, Julie, has finished the table that goes with the couch.

Well that’s all for now, but I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated!



  1. I feel like this is one of the really helpful blog posts. This topic is very important to know since one of the key components of project VENTURA is to maintain sustainability and keep the airstream sturdy.

  2. Ana Rosero · · Reply

    It’s really important that you guys are working on the project even though the weather is really bad, because you are helping out with sustainability and making the world a better place.

  3. Lilly Alvarado · · Reply

    Great Job. I like your introduction and how you say all about how weird the weather has been. But the cold is not going to stop you from doing your best.

  4. Elly Gonzales · · Reply

    This blog post helped me understand what components have to do with project VENTURA. Since the sturdiness and strength of the Airstream has a lot to do with the environment, it is important to find out what is good for the R.V.

  5. Jennifer Del Aguila · · Reply

    I like how the pictures show what they are doing and how its looking at the moment but I also how they explain things.

  6. Aileen C. · · Reply

    Wow! That’s really cool, everything sound very interesting. I’m thinking of taking engineering in high school. 🙂

  7. I like how you gave all of the information about what you learned and i think that that was very helpful and i also think that it is very important that y’all keep working and don’t give up just because of the weather keep going:).

  8. I’m glad you’re back working on the project! The picture of the bed frame looks like a good design, and the tips that Pam Powell gave you seem really helpful. Keep up the good work!

    1. I am so glad the weather is working out for you, and that Pam Powell is giving you such good tips. The picture of the bedframe looks like a good design! Keep up the good work!

  9. It’s important to work on the project for us to do our part which is the garden. And it will be awesome.

  10. Clarissa belman · · Reply

    I like your first paragraph, your words really hooked me in. I love the way you said that no Matter the weather and the conditions you won’t give up & that you will keep working on your project. I also like how you put pictures on it to show what are you doing and what have you done.

  11. Ariela velazquez · · Reply

    I like the way you solved you’re challenges . I also like the way how you said what you were doing,how are you going to do it,and how the little prep rally gaved you more confidence about the trailer.

  12. Mikeyia Murray · · Reply

    I like your first paragraph, your words really hooked me in. I Understand Now All What You Guys Have Planed.

  13. Brenda Puente · · Reply

    I really like how your first paragraph really sucked me in, also I like how you describe what is happening with the trailer, what the weather is like and how you added pictures to add on to your paragraphs. Great Job 🙂

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