Pam Powell to the rescue! -Jennifer Chaparro, Ever-Green Design Firm

Hello again!

Long time no talk. Well, what can I say… last class the engineering class was able to have Pam Powell, a Austin Community College carpentry professor, come to our class and explain to us about how to design and build out furniture with rounded corners.

She was also able to helps us set out the dimensions for each piece of furniture that we are going to be incorporating to the Airstream. Another thing that we were able to do in class was work on our Google SketchUp furniture drawings. Our group was focused more on working on the entertainment shelves, side tables and small tables.

This class period was very productive and entertaining, personally I enjoyed talking about wood dimensions and types of measuring instruments. I was able to learn about what is a chalk line reel, it is a tool used for marking long straight line on flat surfaces. All you have to do is get hold of both ends of the line and then pick up the line from the middle and release it, which produces a chalk line underneath the thread. This class period consisted mostly of Pam Powell feeding us with her knowledge.

The research that I’ve decided to do for today’s blog entry is over 10 must-have woodworking tools and 7 must-have measuring tools. The top 10 must-have woodworking tools begin with having a chisel set. A Chisel set comes in very handy whenever we want to remove pieces from small area, smooth edges and creating and exact corner or shape that you want/ The second item is a Lathe, a wood lathe is useful when making furniture. It creates legs and arms to furniture, decorative pieces and many more. The third tool is a Table Saw, with a table saw you are able to cut large pieces and sheets of wood. With a table saw you are also able to control how and when you cut your wood. The fourth tool to have is a Band Saw, they are great for making unique shapes and designs in wood.

The fifth tool is a Drill Press, with this tool you are able to quickly and efficiently drill a hole through the wood. The next tool is a Jointer, this is used for precision cuts, they are also great for creating unique edges on wood that may be used for tables,  chairs, and shelves. The seventh tool is a Planer, with this tool you are able to create planks of wood for any project. You can shave off and turned a warped piece of wood into a workable piece. You should also have a Drum Sander, this tool smooths and finishes the wood for you in very small effort. Another tool to have is a Tenoning Jig, can be used for additional precision cuts, you are able to set it to make the same cuts over and over again, each being the exact as previous one. The last important tool to have is a Dust Collector, they are easy to use and make clean up so much faster. You don’t want to clean up all the dust that you’ve created in the process of creating your pieces.


Now for the 7 Must-Have measuring tools… The first one is the simple one, have a Measuring tape, this is a straightforward measuring instrument that is found in every home. The next is have a Framing Square, these right angles keep the project square, especially when assembling the pieces together. Third… have a Try Square. they are similar to framing squares, but these have a metal blades fastened rather than a single-boldly construction. Fourth, have a Combination Square, it is used to verify square edges and flat surfaces of workpieces. The fifth tool to have is a sliding T-bevel, with this tool you are able to find the angle of your wood pieces and then transfer the angle to a workpiece. The sixth tool to have is a Short Ruler, it is efficient as the Measuring tape, but a short ruler can be carried on your pocket in comparison to the bulky Measuring tape. Lastly have a Level, you don’t want your assembly to be slanted. The level is perfect for having your assembly well lined up.

Now that you know the must haves tools for woodworking and measuring you won’t be struggling when your partner is using their thumbs to measure and whenever they are using a hand saw to cut a large piece of wood in half. With this in mind I gotta get going, I have lots of other things to build, my homework. See you in two weeks! 



  1. Alex Coxe · · Reply

    The tools you listed are going to be very handy when it comes to building. When you are measuring you always wanna be precise, same goes for cutting the wood. With those tools you can be precise and have your final product come out very well. Hopefully the information you found and that Pam Powell gave you will help with the project in general. (I know it will though)

  2. I think that you girls will do good in building. (I love to build stuff in art.) And Pam Powell was a great teacher for you and your group because she is a a Austin Community College carpentry professor. Nothing can stop us from building furniture

  3. Hello, I am a 7th grader to be honest I really like your blog post that you did you give information about the tools and what the tools do. I think that this part of this project is going to turn out really great.

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