Getting Down to the Wire

Getting Down to the Wire

By: Mayrin Silva, Payton Miles, Yarisel Esquivel & Jazlyn Burleson

I am  felling happy, excited, and ready to learn from this Garden VENTURA project. I Am happy that we will be changing an old trailer that no one even used into something that can change the world and everyone will use. This project is very sustainable because we will be eating fruits and vegetables that we make from our garden, this will also help us eat better. We would be recycling and also composting. It feels awesome to have something different like a garden at our school. That will make us better at helping our environment and making our school a better place.  It will make our planet more interesting and Eco friendly. Our school is unique in many ways, and now that we can make our garden and trailer for a place where teachers can chill out. It makes our school more unique and better. 

There are a few things left to do for our Garden VENTURA project. We still have to organize our wiki project & make it good to present to the 10th graders engineering students. We also have to finish our sketch up of the trailer & what we plan the garden around it to look like. We also have to plan out our composting plan for our garden. But together I know we will get this done. 

We have learned so much from this project. We’ve learned about composting, and gardening, learning which bugs are good and which ones are bad, how to fix the pH in the soil to fit your plants’ needs, and how to have sustainability in our garden, and reliable cost on things to put in our garden. We learned that a good way to grow vegetables is to stack the plant beds so that the vegetables get even sunlight. This project will hopefully help not only us, but all the world live a more sustainable life.





  1. I like how you made your blog interesting and not kind of boring. You explained and described what you are doing in class and the plans that you have. Great!! 😀 🙂 😛

  2. Avery R. :) · · Reply

    I really liked your post because you made it really personal. I can really hear a seventh grader talking, if you know what I mean. I liked how you talked about every little thing you learned and how that will help you later on in life.

  3. I really liked how you talked about why we are doing this project, how we are doing this project, and how it’s going to help everyone involved. Your post was very original and it seems as though you put a lot of thought into it. Great job!

  4. Leslie Morales · · Reply

    I liked how yall added your feelings about doing this project. I also liked how yall added detais and your opinions. I also liked how yall added what you are learning and what yall doing in class. I really loved the second sentence of the first paragraph because in that sentence it basically explains the project. Great blog post!

  5. I like how you describe what you learned so far throughout this project so far.

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