Shelves Secretly Need Love Too! – Alexandra Triampol, MAAT Design Firm

    Hello, dedicated readers!  After so many “snow days”, not much has happened in class.  Most of the days we’ve missed have been A-days, which is when everyone has engineering.  Other than that, we’ve continued to design and create all the furniture pieces on Google Sketch Up.  Using Google Sketch Up, I’ve finally come to terms with it.  🙂

Capture 2

Our shelf design I created on a Google Painting Document.  Google Painting is really fun to use and useful for diagrams.

    Now in my last post, I talked about sketch ideas for the bookshelf.  I did some extra research and I found some other bookshelves to help you guys get a good understanding of what our group’s bookshelf design would be.  I found a very similar bookshelf design that I’ve been making on Google Sketch Up.  I’ll draw out a picture of what I’ve done so far, since I forgot to take a quick picture of my model in class.  It’s a fairly simple design.  It’s far more simple than I imagined our bookshelf to be, but in all honesty, we actually don’t have much room.  Our bookshelf is one of my earlier designs that has a middle space in between the shelf to hold a printer and two taller sides for extra storage.  The bookshelf is pretty low to the ground because we decided as a class to make the bookshelf just under the window of the Airstream.  We didn’t want to block much of the windows to allow as much natural lighting as possible to light up the trailer.

    Here’s the design I found on a website called  This woman named Sandra is a designer and carpenter.  She’s made many different bookshelves, but this one in particular come pretty close to our idea.  It’s got the same idea about having a space in between in the shelf with two pillars on the sides.  This space in the middle allows natural lighting, like in our trailer.  In Sandra’s design, the bottom part is more narrow and longer and her pillars are much taller.  We can’t make our design that long or tall, but it comes pretty close to it.  I’m hoping we can make  some sort of decorative indentations or wood    design on the shelves.  An example is this bookshelf I found.  There doesn’t seem to be a particular name for this added effect, but I really like the design’s details.  It’s sleek, clean cut, and very minimal.  I like basic furniture, and a little detail is always nice!


The indentations on the shelf really add character to this piece of furniture.

    Another thing I had to put into consideration was the Toe-Kick.  I had never even heard this term before in furniture until Pam, a very nice carpenter professor from ACC, came to talk to us again about the Airstream.  Up until now, I had never realized how valuable and useful a Toe-Kick is.  Most people never notice this little niche, but it’s right there in most of the furniture in your house.  It’s about 3 ½ inches tall and 3 ½ inches wide.  A great example of where to find one is in on your kitchen cabinets and drawers.  A Toe-Kick is usually there to be unnoticed, but very nifty.  When you stand in front of a cabinet in your kitchen, you don’t feel your feet touching anything in front of you.  That’s the work of the Toe-Kick.  It gives your feet that little room so you don’t bust your toe on the bottom of the cabinet.  It’s so handy, you don’t even think about it when you go to the kitchen to snack!

    And to celebrate Valentine’s Day today, here’s a simple bookshelf [on the featured image], with red and pink books in the shape of a heart.  Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂



  1. Isabella Baladez · · Reply

    I really like how enthusiastic you are about shelves! I felt that you taught me a little more about them, like that toe-kick thing, I would’ve never known what that was actually for. I also feel like you actually thought this through, like where would the shelf be best placed, and what might be placed on the shelves.

  2. I agree, I like your choices for the bookshelf. It seems like a very nice design for the trailer, although it cannot meet the exact same measurements, I think it would be very good in the trailer.

  3. I really think that you did a good job of searching shelves for the trailer. They look so cool! If you cannot get an exact measurement, try cutting it down to size

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