Operation: Build it! – Itzel Ruiz Jedi Design Team

Hello again lovely blog followers,

We are doing really well in class with the furniture planning. We have begun to use Google sketch up to work on our individual pieces of furniture. Pam Powell from ACC has come to talk to us about different things to keep in mind for our project and our building process. Pam Powell shared really good tips with us on what we should include in our furniture plans and how to approach it. She talked about different angles and wood techniques on how we should approach the coach as well as the bookshelf. She recommended that we use a toe tuck on our bookshelves. She shared with us how to do chalk lines to help us plan out angles and floor plans that we would build on. We went outside to the trailer and she showed us how to mark on the floor with the chalk line she had. We first roll out the string with chalk along the length where we want it to mark then we hold tight on both ends and you pull up from the middle and release, and then a line is created on the floor. We also talked about different materials to use for the bookshelf and long tables. We have discussed going to ACC’s wood shop to practice our skills with power tools. I can’t wait till we get to finally build.

One major Part of our project is the electricity and the electronics that will be placed inside of the trailer. We haven’t planned out the wiring of the airstream yet so we will include poles in the floor plan that we will be able to come back to later and add in the wiring. By doing this we will be able to continue with our building and not having to wait for wiring to be done. To go along with electricity, in class we have begun to look at different deep cycle batteries that we will be able to use for the airstream this way when we build the bookshelf we will leave space for the battery behind it. Ms.Jo taught is how to calculate how many batteries we will need and how they will have to be set up (parallel or series). I enjoy calculating energy so I hope that we will get to wiring soon.

This past Friday during advisory I was able to go look at the 7th graders progress on the gardens that they plan on putting outside of the trailer. It was really cool to look at the ideas they had, my personal favorite was the salad garden idea. I liked that, that group had vegetables that would be able to grow here in Texas and could be combined to make a salad and that they had an assortment of flowers that would be pleasing to the eye. I was also impressed with their work on Google sketch up. I am looking forward to look at other 7th grade group’s ideas.

I will be back soon with another update of our Ventura Project, but until now….







  1. Karla Rodriguez · · Reply

    Dear Itzel Ruiz Jedi Design Team, It is nice to know that you guys are progressing as well on your project as my group 9s. We are about to finish on our wiki page and we are doing finishing the touches to make it closest to perfect as possible. We will try to fulfill as many as the things that were asked. Your blog post was good.

  2. Hello, I am a 7th grader I started to read your blog post and I like your thoughts about your project and about your process that your doing in the project. I notice that you said about looking at the 7th graders part which is the part of the plants ,composting , and designing the outside that’s what we are doing. Also working on like you we also have to blog about what we learn ,thoughts , the process, so its kind of similar and we have to look at your process too.

  3. Ariela velazquez · · Reply

    I liked the way you have made this blog fun to read! I also like the way you orginized your paragraphs.I have also like the way you told us about the Air stream and what you are doing.

  4. Lucero Puente · · Reply

    I guess the salad garden was a good idea too. It was really creative. The plants on the picture are really pretty too. But my personal favorite is my group`s design. Well you know..
    Let the best design win!

  5. _Yenifer_ · · Reply

    It’s cool that people come to talk to ya’ll and give you advice about this (project). I like how extra help is in the background, offered when needed along the way. You can’t do everything alone. Somehow, someone helps. I don’t know about you all, this almost always happens. There will be those rare situations where you’re by yourself.. But, eventually someone/something finds you.

    I like that you like to like liking calculating energy. It’s awesome that you anticipate part of a project, it not only makes you finish the part you’re on, but makes you look forward to class everyday, you walk in with a smile, and wear it again as you come out of class 🙂 Being happy makes everything easier! Smile 🙂 I’m watching you… Seriously. Great job keeping up with the project! So much effort shown throughout the project, we will surely meet those funds! Yassss

  6. I like how they explain what they were doing and learning but also how they describe there information.

  7. Mikeyia Murray · · Reply

    I Liked How You Added Very Detailed Pictures.

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