Operation C.O.U.C.H. challenge accepted- Ally Reznicek with Bel Floratine Custom Designs

Hello, my fellow ‘Streamers!  It’s Ally Reznicek, here with Bel Floratine Custom Designs with another update.

It’s been a crazy past few weeks with insane weather and freezing temperatures.  Some of our work days had to be cancelled due to the severity of the situation, but we’ve jumped right back into our projects at full speed, working hard to finish them before time runs out!

Right now, we are basically trying to figure out the exact dimensions and designs of every piece of furniture we will build into the Whale.  After we have that, we will model our final design (per group) into Google Sketch-up, complete with wood selection, curves, and the whole shebang.

An example of the couch we will build sketchup.google.com

An example of the couch we will build sketchup.google.com

My most important part of the project during this milestone is to create the couch on Google Sketch-up.  The tricky part about the couch is that it has to contour the end of the airstream, which has a tricky angle.  Luckily for me, Pam Powell showed us a trick on how to find and model the angles in Sketch-up.  After I designed the outline of the couch in my notebook, I realized there were many curves in the couch that are not possible for us to build using the tools and materials that we have.  I also realized that many errors could occur if we tried to cut a precise curve into wood, and most likely, the measurement of the item will not be exact.  In order to ensure that the furniture could be exact and fit well in the Whale, I did some research.

There are many ways I could approach this problem.  The first requires plastic wood, which is a type of bendable wood, unlike most other wood, that is far more pliable than most other woods.  This wood may not be as eco-friendly as we would like to use in our project, so I kept researching.

There is more than one type of compass www.leevalley.com

There is more than one type of compass http://www.leevalley.com

The second way I could approach this problem is by using a compass to accurately measure the curve, then after rough-cutting your shape, go over the pattern with a router with a pattern bit, which a like a mixture between a drill and a saw that allows maneuverability at multiple angles that allow you to create curves.  Unfortunately, I do not think we will have access to a router, so I continued researching.

A circle into an octagon? geometry.s1tes.com

A circle into an octagon? geometry.s1tes.com

The third way to make curves, the method I believe will work the best, is by not making any curves at all.  Instead of making a curve, you can make a series of straight edges arranged in a circular shape.  An example of this can be an octagon, or a decagon.  There is an unlimited number of sides that are possible in creating one of these “curves”, and the larger the number, the more curve-like the shape will look.  In order to save time, I recommend we use no more than 8 sides per angle of the couch.  The more sides we use, the more difficult it will be to construct.

Regardless of the difficulty of construction, Bel Floratine will make it quickly, efficiently, and effectively for our clients of the Ann Richards School.

Until next time,

Bel Floratine



  1. The options that your group gave were really descriptive.

  2. I like that you researched and researched tell you found some good solutions to your problem. It seems to me that you have found your solution to your problem. I hope for you to do good and for you to find the right solution for you to make the couch.

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